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beginning of a later chapter...is it worthy?
Posted By: Ossoona Phil
Date: 14 August 2012, 9:14 am

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The grand territory and establishment known as the 'Alpha Base,' was essentially the equivalent of an anthill. To and fro, upwards and downwards, virtually towards any direction conceivable, was a rigorous amount of activity leading back towards the only holes availabl. If viewed from the comforts of space this particular encampment of human beings laid out an inexplicable amount of effort, will, and intent. It was a bee-hive, an addition to its incredible layouts and formations of species. The Alpha Base was easily considered, by the most intelligent of persons within its facilities, as the most, 'impenetrable fortress that one could desire on such a short notice.'
Indeed, the short notice was quite short; short notification for the human race to scramble and create such a desirable and fortified piece of territory, for its very creation required several weeks of man-hours to construct. Many had complained about, many…many people thought it was disastrous to put so much time into an architecture.
But after several weeks of withstanding the Covenant's offensive plans to dismantle the domain, the humans prevailed. They eventually squandered to the efforts of the creators of this enormous and, seemingly happy place to defend. It took a lot for the human race to endure, true. But they realized, in not too long of a time, that this was indeed an incredible castle they had created.
So after many more weeks of complacency the teems of human marines felt settled, nearly. Many of them began to believe that hope was drawing ever nearer. That ever since their, 'Pillar of Autumn,' descent came to a success upon the foreign territory of Halo. Multitudes of soldiers found reverence and feelings of bliss to be able to establish new lands as their own. When they heard talk that 'Alpha Base' was the proverbial "shit-of-the-land" they revelled and threw back beers and played games to see who could obtain the most cigarettes in their card games.
Shihuang was enamored in a moment between his battle buddies, he was sure they would almost win him out. His cards left him to a feeling of almost loss for sure. He peered at his five cards and thought to himself, 'Ha! Hell yes..this'll get'em…the bastards. I deserve that alien shit.'
People were running amock between the gamers. There were two lines of incessant individuals running things in, running things out. A group of card players had their day-off playing he-owns-the-better-layout-wins, all the while human soldiers were toting important items in and out around them, into the Halo's entrance ways.
"Hey! Alright…*hahahaha* check out! I got…check it out, I got…….," yells out a fellow marine.
Between the four gamers is a shoddy construction of a table. A makeshift table…for cards. Something the higher-ups would never approve of. If they would have seen it they would all be court-marshalled. That was a definite. Easily. But the four gamers went on, as if nothing in the Universe meant anything more to them. Cards were their destiny now.
Shihuang lays down his set of cards, his players for all to see his possession. The rest of the three hold back respective glances upon their faces as if they had never seen such a set. How typical. The remaining players play their bluff and start showing what they got.
"Take this asshole!" declares Private Kinowai. He placed his settlement of cards and looks grimly at what he threw down. Everyone else follows suit.
"I just have this," speaks Private First Class Denartez.
"Fine, this is what my boys got," announces Sarge Smiths.
The entirety of the group immediately sees the predicament now: Shihuang won. Done and done. But before any of them could declare feelings of anger or victory there suddenly comes a kick.
"What the FUCK!!? Seriously!" a sound and kick, that came with it, answers all the gamers' vision of the nearest future of the card game. A most sudden appearance of a leg and its most angry foot enters the ring. In one instantaneous second a foreign and most uninviting appendage allows itself to throw the entirety of the game into utter disarray and chaos. The makeshif table rolls two feet upon the grass, among the lines of dutiful soldiers, as the total of 52 cards begin to be thrown into the air as if they suddenly had wings to give them flight. The once-winning gaming area becomes an unforgivable mass of uncertain clouds.
All the gamers simultaneously leap from their makeshift chairs, stand erect in utter disbelief, and regard the assailant of a great game.
"Where the FUCK is your humility?! ANSWER ME! WHERE!!!" shouts a most angry marine human.
For a few seconds, all of the four gamers slowly begin ascertaining the new mass of what was once their loving trade of probabilities. They were all completely speechless. Until suddenly someone had the nerve to speak up.
"Sir! We were just having ano—"
"SHUTUP! Just shut…the…fuck: UP!" yelled in return the party-crasher. "Where's your CO!? I want to know: RIGHT NOW!" the man continued to yell to the group of once-card players.
The card players realized how bad of a situation they were in now. They knew that what they had done was wrong; of course, it wasn't wrong to relax, to yield unto the war against the aliens in a comfortable manner, but this…no…this was way wrong. They all knew it. They knew it. They were as guilty as sin itself. They might have already sealed themselves the very nails into their newly developing construct.
He really didn't want to, but after seeing how his group hadn't the tiniest desire to begin opening their mouths, he thought, for some cosmic reason, that he was the culprit and the man to defend their operations of gaming. Maybe it was still functioning emotions of victory, but the chinese Private chose to be the President of this crime. He only thought to himself how he shouldn't falter, in neither intent nor in his tone of voice.
"Sir!"Shihuang stood as erect and as military-like as he could muster, "My friends and I were on time-of-leave, for the weekend, and we only thought that we could just—"
"Shihuang. That's your name? Very well: I well never forget it now. No, never," waxed in thought the murderer of the card game, "I am doing my best right now to restrain myself from any further desires of beating not only you and your, here, " the man spits on the over-turned card table, "friends of an innocent game."
The lines of human soldier continuously grunt and heave the heavy items of work they are entitled to perform. All five of the human beings are a yelling spree of innocent and guilty remarks towards one another as loyal workers continue their bidding into the tunnels of the Halo's entrances.
"Gods Above! Do you not know of the latest report, that has just came in!!" releases the raged marine, and guides us suddenly with his arms to the precipice nearest us: the third level.
All four of the card players relent to his demand and walk towards the balcony nearby.
The Alpha Base consisted of several terraces, four to be exact, that extended from its main bulkhead. Among and around these extensions the humans created many, many man-made further erected extensions of barricades. On the third landing of platforms the aggravated marine led this group of wrong-doers unto, and released his true sense of fury and regret towards. And of course, the latest report that the human civilisation heard of. Little did they know, they would learn of a great operation to be given to them. It was a state of military protocol.
After leading them upon the terracce and placing himself against the remotest railings, he began the speech which he had long prepared to share, ever since he reached the A-Base. But it was more than that. Once he finally had the chance to reach the greatest of bases, and once he had the moment to catch his breath as a scout, he concluded that he would share his latest intel to his forward commander. But all of that had changed. He mean to plow thru the ant-like soliders of his brethren to reveal the latest information of the Covenant, he did.
But after stumbling upon this heretical team of non-workers, that was his race, he decided to share with them his news first. This marine figured he would gather their attention first and primarily, because he felt that he could gather their criminalistic ballls by the handle and gear them towards a more proper action. He certainly felt a sense of power. And thus he beheld their metaphorical testicles and the attention that it served, towards his, and the human kind's good. Once reaching the balcony he let out his much-intended storm of command.
"You men…you sorry pieces of asses. May any God you pray upon have any mercy upon you," began this enigmatic man of news. "Now, before I feel like sending a report to Captain Keyes' your utter wrongness, I think you should hear what I have for you. Because," he looked out beyond the balcony's railings and out into the Halo's vague outgrowths of solitude, "I want to give you four a chance. That's right: a damn chance."
The Halo' slowly rising sun was beginnig its moments of beauty upon the alien platform unto which they were all settling on. The card-players were reluctantly finding places to relax near, against, and on, as this unkown marine chose their fate. They all knew that this was the best ticket towards a non-court martial. They all soon found a relaxation point and acutely held their gaze at this new man of authority.
"Look, guys, I've seen something coming. I just ran from the nearest outpost, and I have something really 'heavy' to deliver to the command post. I should already be on my to tell them, but then I ran into you pieces of shit." This main speaker began digging into his pockets. "And I want you all to know that you have a good way of compensating for the stupid thing you've done, that way stu—"
"Aw c'mon man, no! We were only on a little break, and then we—" tried Shihuanga.
"SHUTUP! If any of you try to talk again I'll just turn around and run like no-one's business to the captain what all of you had been loyally doing for our race. That shut them up indeed. "So look! Check this out, and see if this card works for you: you listen to what I say, and play this game that might work out for ya!" All of the former card-players were definitely intent and settled in their little guilty spaces now.
"Quiet are we now? Good! Now listen, again, to this, I mean it," he shoved a stick into his mouth, and kept talking, "I just ran four and half miles to get back here, to this base. The Alpha base of ours. And yes: it was a bitch to get back," he lifted a matchstick to his limb that stuck out from his mouth and gave it a flame, "And guys, I saw'em" he gave a few seconds to look into our eyes as he began puffing on his cigarette, and continued his speech uninterrupted, "I saw the explosions. I saw base-A14 fall apart into shreds, like a pinata. And then I saw how one alien, ONE ALIEN, mind you, disappear and run towards this area," he kept puffing on his cig as he spoke as if he was telling the story of his life, "And then Miller, shit…that's when Miller…" *stifles attempts of crying* "He thought he could take this asshole. He thought he would take his five-team squad to neutralize his ass. So I was top-side, I watched all of it, I kept my scopes on them and watched ALL of it," he let out a major release of smoke and just sat there. Tears were dribblig out of his eyelets, and he didn't suppress their falls.
The four gamers had no words. They just sat/stood in place. They knew that in this moment they had nothing on this guy, that they hadn't had nearly any kind of experience with the known enemy. They were enamored. They just glued their eyes and ears to his direction, hoping to understand more.
"So I sprinted back, all the way here. I saw that Miller and his team tried his best. It was all they could do…Miller rushed his team forward," *sniffles, drags on his cigarette* "then Miller slowly died on some piece of shit sand, at the same time his team keeps rushing around this huge-ass hill, east and west side towards this asshole. Towards this alien motherfucker. They rushed him…but I saw it….I saw it alll: they didn't have a chance. This alien bastard left traps, these bombs, and they all fucking…" sucks on more smoke, throws aside the cigarette in its miniscule amount of nothingness over the balcony, "…died..THEY DIED!!! Alright?! They fucking died, and all of you four bastards can do is play goddamn cards."
A breeze ran thru the vicinity between us all. We were all situated and activated by this man's story when he suddenly begins rummaging into his backpack. This man-o'-news digs and digs into his bags' pockets for several seconds, unti,l finally, he feels something important. Or thus his expressions communicate to us.
Wait, no, "False alarm guys, wait…hold on…give me a second…or more, just hold on, I know it's here somewhere…" He keeps digging on other packets upon his bag from his restrained sides. We all think he's gone crazy, because he keeps talking to himself like some crazy person, he just keeps shoving his hands inside and out and consistently attempting to locate something we have no idea of.
"AH! YES! Here we are…here it is…" the man revealed a long stick of some kind. None of us could identify it. We were all mortified with what it could be. But this leading marine suddenly struck out this enigmatic stick into the air, within his right hand, and cried out sounds of jubilitation. We didn't know what to make of it, so we just laid in wait, because none of us wanted to be in jail for our stupid card-game acts.
"Here it is my friends! Here it is…here she is…Let me light it and allow my intentions to grow stronger, after I have given it the love of flame," spoke the man of intent. He crouched down in front of us and laid his lighter close to the tip of the unknown stick.
And then, suddenly, all the gamers sensed odors of deep, deep relaxation. Every single one of them felt euphoria. All of the soldiers slumped down (except for Smiths, who was already on the ground). A blue-smoke floated from the balcony and reached the nostrils of all of the human warriors and forced them, in a polite way, to lay down and relax.
"Inhale this spirit, my good friends, let it release you and relax you. This is the spoils of goodness," spoke this incredible leader, this now growing spiritual marine of many tricks. "Now listen to me well, and listen to me crystal-clear like! I want you all to pursue this monster. I want you all to follow his paths and destroy him! Follow me as clear as you inhale this odor, I want you all to create a formation and decimate this enemy, for the LOVE OF THE HUMAN RACE!!!"

We were going as far as we possibly could, without any stony hinderances on our path to try ad slow us down. As far as I could tell, we, the FDO were faring as best we knew: we travelled through the angry outgrowth of stones and their unforgivable entrapments, the low-lying bushes that brushed and throttled our legs with multitude of scratches,and also the many ravines offering its difficult intense streams making us cower around its depths. My team started grumbling pretty soon after all of this natural trials of endurance, something I had already expetected once I laid my Sanghellie eyes upon the dangerous grounds before we even decided to tramp upon. But I willed myself and my team to keep on, to keep on trudging and fighting the Halo's obstacles.
After enduring Hadzka's unfortunate stranglement between the gray rocks, once we released him from the arrest of the Foundation's holds, I commanded us all to continue further. I knew we would make it, I knew. Our Covenant hadn't come this far into the Construct's dangerous grounds to give up now. No. We were well on our way into reaching the slowly-appearing Alpha Base. The humans design of respectable construction upon the diagonal reception of the Halo. We would make our journey worth it, no matter what. We woud do everything possible to ju—
*Reception signals of an SPR!*
I jolted to my right side, throwing my body into a stone nearby as we were trekking down a beaten path towards the A-Base. My mind was concentrated on how each of my teammates were feeling and were willing to take over an operation. I felt a sudden electric buzzing upon my right sideLagg, exploding like a nuclear warhead, which supremely confused my pondering thoughts.
After a few cells, as I laid upon the stony-misted grounds releasing clouds of dusty haze into the air, I realized it was my SPR device calling to me. My teammates, too, were quite thrown off their guard. It was an exclamation of attention none of us expected. The sounds of my device was so throttling, and it kept buzzing its desire for recognition, that I couldn't allow for anything more than subduing it of finally, as if it was our latest incoming enemy.
I instantly strangled my leg's pocket as if to deprive it of any oxygen. I answered the machine's call immediately to just shut it up. Upon doing so I walked several paces away from my team and stood tall and at attention. I tried not to sound too desperate.
"'Rinolee here!" I answered into the tiny microphone on the side, as perfunctorily as I could manage.
"Drasca! Oh Prophets Above, how blessed it is to hear your voice….…listen! It is I, Silita 'Entramee, and I have admittedly released a major nest of Humans." It was our FDO commander. It was obvious his sound was in obstinant distress. Any of us would have lost control and logical thought processes if one of us were to hear his tone.
He didn't sound too placating…
Hell no…
It definitely frightened me. Sheer terror if you ask me.
Very much. Very,very…very much. But I held myself fast, gathered all the mental strenght I had, all of the confidence left within me, and received his messages as metallically as I could: a straight-wall. I just let him keep crying his verbations while I held the SPR to my helmeted ear. I willed myself that I would remain hard, as best as I could, no matter what my primary commander would reveal to me….
"Drasca, I have ran aground as many human soldiers as I can, but I fear that their multiplication is only growing more and more surprising. I am sprinting as much as I can towards these nearby beaches! Pray tell me, upon the love of our Prophets, where are you and the remaining warrior of the FDO? Message complete." screamed out Silita into my eardrums.
I glanced at my soldiers, of whom which were alarmed of my reception of the commander's messages: they could hear his yelling. They saw me and in which predicament our leader was in. I couldn't fake any expression: they saw it all. So I did my best and motioned to walk away as I walked further down our previous trails. I stifled a confused desire to mumble some words,but knew better. I had enough training to communicate under such situations. I knew that the rest of my team wouldn't do any better: except for Oris 'Nebalee and maybe…just maybe: Fayth. But I was their coordinating individual in charge, so I stepped up my tone in authority.
"Noble 'Entramme, I declare that you show us where your current position is and your true estimate of tailing humans, before I reveal to you our present area. Message complete!" I felt justified, for myself and for my teammates. No matter how high our Echelon leader was, I still made factual demands. Logical demands. Comply or not comply, I had my rights as a Sangheilie leader.
There was a slight moment of idleness between me and Silita. I'm sure he suddenly weighed his own realistic combat doubts against my loyal messages of a Covenant soldier. Not hard to deny the proper formats of conversation within a high-heated instance of battle. Even Silita should…would respect it.
"Very well, most Noble 'Rinolee, you speak of great accordance to the proper Covenat Forms. I indeed respect it. I sincerely do. However, I must decree a most pertinent report! Please, allow me a half-unit's of explanation of my recent predicament," released Silita towards my hearing phone upon my sympathetic speaker in my SPR.
I commanded my team (as much to Hadzka's dislike) to relax and lay themselves downwards once again upon the Halo grounds. They slowly fell into their own formats and became comfortable into the brushes and rocks, hoping for me to sincerely end my conversation with Silita.
It wasn't that they wanted me to quit speaking with our once-commander, though.
NO. My FDO leader only contained a never-ending and burning desire to continue our path towards the humans' Alpha Base, I knew. I could easily see it. Easily sense it.
Yes, it was there: I could read as easily as one could decipher a linguistic act of service from a Grunt servitude. I took it as such: I continued a stream of communication with my beloved Commander. Beyond my teammates I had a grand connection with Silita.
I truly did, sincerely, I did!
Ok. Honestly, as if I have to announce to any being attempting to understand and read my perceptions: I HAVE A SERIOUS FEELING OF AGREEMENT WITH SILITA 'ENTRAMEE!! Ok?! Is that enough for enough of the readers to comprehend?! Prophets and all Gods Above! I love 'Entramme…how much more must I genuflecct for?!?!

Ok. Enough. I'll continue the story. It was as simple as this: I loved my commander. I trusted him, ok? I had all of my spiritual faith in him, I had all of my feelings for him and I desired to only hear more from his demands to show me another quest. That's how it was. Period. Done. No more. Ok?
So I allowed 'Entramme to spill everything he knew, everything he heard and saw. Everything he could comprehen of the latest statistics of the human kind. Silita indulged me all of the latest human activity on my SPR and took it all in as best as I could. His messages meant a lot to me, and sincerely thrusted his words as far down towards my heart as far as I could. Everything he said I took it in really, really far. Once he told me his update I reliquinsehd almost. But I held on, I stayed my track. I kept my ground, after hearineg his deliverance.