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Saving Squad 5
Posted By: Matt Mills<mattisawesome96@hotmail.com>
Date: 27 December 2011, 2:05 pm

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Reach, August 24, 2552; D77-TC "Pelican" dropship en route to New Alexandria; Squad number five, AKA the "Cossacks", on board

The Pelican's blood tray was nearly full of brown armored UNSC army troopers, each one barely speaking. They were heading near the completely besieged city of New Alexandria, in Eposz. They had to break the siege. The city was guarded from the air by Tyrant guns, AA Wraiths, and all sorts of Covy air defenses. No other Pelicans had gotten through. They were flying considerably high today, hopefully to avoid Covenant detection systems. A few hours after they had taken off, the pilot said over the intercom, "We're approaching the hot zone. Prepare for turbulence." Indeed, the aircraft started to shake and jerk violently. More than few soldiers fell to the floor. As they regained their bearings and reclaimed their seats, a flak shot came too close and the wall began to boil. The soldiers leapt forward, their backs scalded. The dull grey wall was bubbling and had turned an angry red color. "We're about to the exit the-" The pilot's voice was turned to static. The door to the pilot seat was puffing smoke and had also turned crimson. A few seconds later it melted. The dropship had started to do a nose dive. What was left at the cockpit had fallen away and now the army troopers were fighting to stay stable. They started to take small arms fire. Plasma bolts streaked through the ship, scorching those inside. The Pelican was picking up speed, and nearing the ground. "Brace for impact!" The squad leader screamed. Too late, the Pelican slammed into the ground. Had the fuel in the fuel tank not evaporated because of the heat, it would've exploded. Squad leader Sgt. Don Mason was the first to pull himself to his feet. He roused the others. About five of the fourteen original soldiers had died in the crash, and all of them were injured to an extent. "Come on, we can make it to UNSC space if we hurry," Sergeant Mason said as he examined their surroundings. They had crashed into a clearing in a forest just outside the city. The white skyscrapers could be seen over the trees, as well as the violet, oblong Covenant Corvettes shelling the city with plasma torpedoes. Just as they were about to escape, there was a great crashing from one of the tree lines. "Hold, if they come, fire at will," Mason ordered. The squad thumbed their safeties. The noise grew louder and louder. Finally, the trees were flattened, and a Wraith floated out from the trees. It lobbed enormous, explosive plasma bolts at the crashed Pelican, boiling and evaporating even more of the titanium-A armor. Behind the Wraith, Covenant foot soldiers came, Elites, Grunts, Jackals, a Hunter, even. They were about to be overrun. The Wraith had all but destroyed the Pelican, and the Hunters weren't much helping. Several more had been killed. Then, there was another great crashing behind the soldiers. One soldier chanced a look behind him, and his mouth dropped; "Oh my God…" He muttered in awe. "Soldier, why did you stop shooting?" Mason angrily demanded. The soldier said nothing, but pointed behind them. What Mason saw shocked him. Green clad, bristling with weaponry, seven foot tall, a gold visor covering the face. The Cavalry had arrived. In both hands, he held two SMGs, holstered on his thighs were two M6Ds, and on his back was a Battle Rifle. At his belt were more grenades then one could count. "Now, who wants to be first?" He growled in a gravelly voice. "It's the Demon!" An Elite roared. The Spartan was a blur. The next time the soldiers could see him clearly, he was on top of one of the Hunters, shoving a grenade in between the worms that made up its skin. The Hunter had charged up its fuel rod cannon, so he kicked it in the direction of the other Hunter as he leapt away from it. Both Hunters fell, and he went toward the Elite leader, a Zealot. The Zealot had went for his sword, but had been crushed by the Spartans weight as he landed on it. The sword had went flying into the air, and landed in his hand. He activated and threw it into the chest of the other Elite, killing it instantly. The Grunts ran back into the forest, leaving only the Wraith. The Spartan leaped onto the Wraith, and yanked off the pilot's hatch. He pried the driver out of the vehicle, an Elite Ultra. The Spartans force had removed its shields, and now was a sitting duck for an SMG burst. The soldiers now moved from the Pelican to meet their savior. "Staff Sergeant Mason, sir. That was amazing, we owe you our lives." The Spartan simply nodded. He made a hand gesture that they assumed meant 'follow him', so they did, heading off into the direction of New Alexandria.