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Battle for New Alexandria Part 1
Posted By: Matt Mills<mattisawesome96@hotmail.com>
Date: 29 May 2012, 6:49 pm

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Sergeant Jack Robins stepped out from HEV and surveyed the area around him. Mostly grassland with a city in the distance. Corvettes loomed in the sky. The grass around him stretched to his eyes at highest. It could obscure and camouflage anything. He flicked on his VISR. He saw only outlines of green. He nodded and turned back to his pod. He wrenched the MA5B assault rifle from it mounting and pulled the bolt.
"This is Robins, reporting," He said.
"Robins?" said a voice a few meters away.
"Get over here."
Jack brushed the grass away and saw his friend, Jordan Smith.
"What is it, Jordan?" He asked.
"Covies are jamming our comms, I think," He said, "No one else has reported in."
"I guess we'll find out," Jack said. They carefully trudged through the field and rounded up their squad mates. They came to an HEV that hadn't opened yet.
"It's Cap's pod," Jordan said. Jack nodded and knocked on the windscreen. He saw their platoon leader, Captain Thom "Cap" Willis. He saw Cap's helmeted head, and he motioned with one finger, signaling "just a minute". He reached down drew his pistol, pointing it at the glass. Jack quickly moved away from the glass as he fired the M6C/S and shattered the windscreen.
"The pod is too deep down in the dirt. The door won't open," He said, "Here goes nothing." He dove through the shattered windscreen, his BDU nearly getting stuck in the narrow hole. He pulled himself up, and put his arm back in the pod and retrieved his Battle Rifle.
"Status report, Robins," Cap ordered.
"The entire platoon is accounted for, sir," Jack informed, "Objective is an estimated two and a half kilometers north, with a believed heavy enemy presence." Cap nodded and goaded his men on. They reached the boundaries of the city. Cap held his hand up, and the platoon came to a stop. The grass still covered them, and guarding the city limits was a Covenant blockade, complete with plasma cannons and Shade turrets. "Grunts on cannons and turrets, Jackals up high," Cap said. Jack looked up at the blockade. There were vivid purple overhangs with Jackal snipers toting deadly focus rifles.
"Sync attacks. Robins, Smith, you take down those snipers. Everyone else, take aim at those gunners. Synced?" Cap asked. Everyone whispered an assent. Jack and Jordan drew their M6Cs, complete with smart-linked scopes. "Everyone ready?" Another murmur of agreement, and Cap gestured for them to open fire. Fourteen guns opened up, and with purple and bright blue blood blasting over the barriers. Cap dashed forward, followed by the others. They climbed over the triple barriers set up by the Covenant and fired at the cannon fodder throwing themselves at them. Jack stepped over the corpses of Grunts and Jackals, and yelled out,
"Engineer, up high!"
An engineer had taken up post above them, fiddling with a Needler. Suddenly, it gave a cry of pain, and burst apart, lit plasma grenades falling to the ground.
"Get out of there!" someone yelled. Two unlucky ODSTs were caught in the blast radius, and were completely boiled inside their red-hot armor.
"Men down, Miller and Johnson KIA!" Cap yelled, unsuccessfully attempting to retrieve their dogtags, which had welded to their armor. They left the smoldering hunks of metal behind and continued on. Cap signaled for the men to crouch low as a Spirit droned above them. The gunner didn't spot them, and it flew on.
"Mitchell, you're up," Cap said. Corporal Mitchell ran up beside Cap, and hefted his rocket launcher.
"Locked, firing," He said, and a high explosive shell exploded from the barrel. It found its way from the launcher to the back end of the Spirit. He fired again, and the drop ship fell to the ground with a violet explosion. The platoon sprinted up to the crash site, where a small group of injured Elites attempted to pick themselves up. Electricity crackled up and down their armor, giving the signal their shields were down. With a second collective burst, the Sangheili fell with roars of pain.
"Enemies down, at ease," Cap said. Jack sighed in relief and sat down on a piece of wreckage. Cap began a long and winded status report to command, and Jordan joined Jack. They depolarized their visors, and momentarily put down their weapons.
"So, Miller and Johnson, eh?" He asked.
"Yeah. They were good guys," Jack said solemnly, "But Miller was always a little slow, and Johnson happened to be beside of him." They laughed uneasily, but it was short lived as Cap suddenly stopped his comm stream.
"Get down!" He yelled, jumping to the ground. Jack and Jordan both dove into the dirt, as explosions rained around them, and the heat of plasma crystallizing the ground singed their armor. Jack chanced a look up, and spotted the Banshees strafing the platoon pull up and over for another pass.