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Onwards, towards the Ark
Posted By: LHP
Date: 25 May 2011, 2:42 pm

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The Ark
Visible is its grandeur
Apparent is its might,
Towering over the unworthy
Guiding the zealous,
By the wake of its holy aura
By the aftermath of its glory,
All who shall follow
All who shall commit
All who shall devote.
Our prayers
Their whispers,
Our action
Their legacy,
The rights of the mantle
Our throne to inherit
All will be answered.
The portal
The ascension to holy ground
The gateway to a great journey; our great journey
The last step in our pathway of millennia, and towards infinity
Nothing will withstand our glorious might
Nothing will stand firm under our howls of victory
Nothing will steal the honor from our very blood
For we are the successor of the flame
Pure in blood
Devoted in spirit