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The Great Schism
Posted By: LHP
Date: 6 May 2011, 6:29 am

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We stand united - the unmovable force
Small and insignificant along the path that wrought the flames of our past
That path of sacrifice, brutality, and bloodshed, the great cleansing
That path of our unchangeable destiny, set in stone
And the path that leads to salvation.
The journey, the fate of the covenant and the bane of the demons
Patiently awaiting those worthy of its unimaginable grandeur
Those who braved the blazing turmoil on foreign lands, fixated upon our goal
Those who travelled expanses of arid, lifeless space
Those, the inheritors of the forerunners' legacy
We are worthy of the rings, and our destiny is nearly at hand

But as our feet grow wearier with each, glorified step
And our armour drips with the blood of thousands, the key to our ascension
San 'Shyuum grow treacherous and callous on their over-elaborate thrones
Their actions no longer warrant a shred of glory
And their sins never see the light of day
Concealed in a shroud of darkness
Hiding behind the cloak of ambiguity
The prophets have betrayed us
The brutes have intruded a step too far;
And while the journey burns with every flame of brilliance
They will not live to bask in its glory.