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Midnight…in the neon night of New Mombasa
Posted By: LHP
Date: 12 April 2011, 1:38 pm

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The Sun sets, met not by the city of unrelenting movement,
but the vast ruins of despair
Of its long gone people
People that defended this metropolis to the brink of death –
Now lying in the rubbles of the city, cold and eerie
Their graves stepped upon by beasts of unworldly origins,
And their corpses carelessly mangled by the demons of humanity
Demons that once belonged to the celestial stars,
But came breathing down Earth's neck in a blind fit of ardent fervor
Now roaming rampant in the streets of New Mombasa
But the night goes on.

Neon lights, invaded homes
The jazz and the rock, the bastion of brutes
Rumors and icons, the genocidal armada
As the night of solace deepens, the distinction fades…
Long blurred by the pain of loss
As time shifts to midnight, the two go hand in hand…
One unwilling, the other unrelenting

Neon lights, the heavy footsteps of the forlorn ODST
Hiding in the dark shadows, stopping at corners – gun at the ready
His squad lost in this godforsaken mess, radio gone static
Left alone, to complete his mission, or to retrieve his brothers?
It matters not now, as the dirt beneath his feet already provides the answer –
There is no honor in doing what is best for humanity, whether as an ODST or a lonely soldier
There is no resolve in wandering amidst the graves of his fallen, ailing and aimless
There is no dignity in shadowing the tormentors of his people, wrathful but afraid
There is only action.
And when cold, hard action is put into play, the bodies will drop, silent as a whisper –
Under the neon night of New Mombasa.