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Posted By: ImperialWaltz<CortanaST3rD@gmail.com>
Date: 3 June 2011, 9:27 pm

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Chapter 1


With shield and spear they march
Across ancient sands of antiquity
No force could stop their march
And the blood of their enemies to be spilled
From Troy to Thermopylae their battles rained
With but flesh and faith and steel
Man's first legends were sewn in place

In the stars now they fight
With Thor's hammer giving them might
Trained as but children like their brothers of old
They are man's bastion of hope
For man has a new enemy threatening to take our soul
Alien forces bound by Covenant
For we are heretics to them, so holy war was declared
They slaughtered our people
Spat fire on our worlds, for all the doomed to see
But we would not stand for this
We would not crumble as easily as our enemies believed
Our forces fought back brutally and valiantly
Showing our foes we were enemies to be feared, indeed
But our race was still dying
Our worlds still being burnt to glass
Until Humanity's hope was at the brink of drowning in the dark
Being pulled under by annihilation's hand

Until they came
With the torch of man's hope in their hands
A legion of Spartans
33 in all
Led by a legend of a man that legends revered
They are our champions
And Demons to our foes
Each one fighting with the strength of 100
Giving new hope to our troops
Fighting in the far off stars
The pinnacle of mankind's will and power unleashed
The Covenant hoards were to be struck down in droves

But the war, it is a long one
There are so few Spartans, and the Covenant are so many
Humanity might fight with fury unmatched
We still unwillingly relent to the tidal wave of fire
Until our mighty REACH to the outer empire falls
And our chosen guardians who fight them
With the force of the mighty Leviathan
Fall to them in the end
To leave one Spartan left

The Master Chief

Still fights he does, still fight we must
On the ancient ring of holy fire
The enemy's most sacred place
The drums of war still beat
Assault rifles sing and plasma weapons string their cords
The dance of death
The players will dance
Lead by the last of the great
A conductor well known
Shows the dreaded enemy his deadly luck
Facing a Flood of death foolishly released by our foes
A parasite of life
Not even the old ones were able to smite
Even with their all powerful might

In the end our revenge was grand
The Covenant's holy ring now lay shattered
And a grand armada destroyed
By our hand, lead by him
The last of the Spartans, the strongest of our kin

He came back to humanity's jewel, our treasure
Mother Earth
To tell our mighty leader, the Lord of the Fleets
That the laws of Cole have been broken
That Earth has been found
And to lead in her defense
With our last, best hope at the tip of the spear