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Silver Horizon Prologue.
Posted By: DubstepHigh<lizardz2.0woohoo@yahoo.com>
Date: 20 December 2012, 11:25 pm

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General Molaki'Lotus was pulled out of a meeting for an urgent matter. His wife who was three quarters through a pregnancy was miscarrying some how. He imediately rushed to Sangheilios to the city of Iruiru in the state of Mdama.

When he finally made it to the medical center his wife was in he ran for her room after asking questions. When he got into the room he saw his wife on a cot clutching weakly to a small bundle. A doctor tried to explain to him what was going on he just mindlessly shoved him to the side and quickly walked to the side of the cot, when he stood beside her she instantly shoved the bundle into his hands. It was small and fit into the palm of his hand. His wife brought him close and whispered to him faintly.

"Chimera..." Then she sighed deeply and closed her eyes peacefully. Tears streamed down Molaki's face as he touched hers. He then turned his attention back to the bundle as it squirmed lightly.

He lifted up part of the blanket and two small purple hued hands grabbed his left thumb of the hand he held it in. He opened it more and found two large not yet colored eyes greeting him. In an instant the hands pulled his thumb to small toothless mandibles where they began to gnaw at the thumb ravenously. A nurse came up to him and put a hand on his shoulder then gently grabbed the baby positioned it differently and stuck a bottle of formula in his free hand.

A few minutes later when he had sat down his sister walked in and saw the empty cot. And Molaki feeding something small with tears and fatherly love in his eyes.

"Where is Svaki?" She asked quietly. He only gave her a sorrowful look and went back to his current task.
"Her soul has departed." He whispered to her.
"I see. I am sorry brother, is that,"
"My Only child, your neice? Yes. The lords spared her but they needed Svaki and who am I to judge their choices. Her name is Chimera, it was the last thing she said to me before leaving." Another tear ran down his cheek.

The bundle hiccuped and he pulled the bottle away.

"She is a good eater. I hope that's all she needs to live through the survival stage. I hope she will live through the stage, she is just so small." Molaki said to his sister.
"I have high hopes for her brother. We should take her to be blessed by the high prophet truth. I am sure he will take pity on your case. May I?"
"Be my guest Lunari." Molaki said handing the little bundle to her.
Chimera grew over the years although she was still small she didn't mind, but when she was finally sent to school she was bullied instantaneously on the first day by hatchlings older than her. That only made her more determined to prove herself. Untill one day when she was just starting the junior career cycle. He thought over this for a few days and thought this would be a good thing for his daughter she would grow strong and wouldn't let herself be pushed around maybe even become a proud defender of the lesser ones who needed as much respect as they could get.
Calvas and his crew where the ones who had pushed chimera around the most. All of them were guys about sixteen to eighteen, there was seven of them. They would mainly stand around look at females pass by either call them ugly or put on a show to impress if she was pretty. They managed to call in some of the girls but when they got what they wanted from them they just left her behind to find another supposedly prettier girl.

One day Calvas and his crew saw the most beautiful girl they had ever seen get off of the morning bus. She was lightly masculine had on a grey camouflage tank-top and long black shorts. She had purple accented skin, a perfect body, and full breasts. But the most stunning thing they saw on her was her sparkling emerald green eyes (a rarity among the sangheili) another thing she was so familiar but he didn't know where he had seen her before. So he tried to catch her with sheer looks. When that didn't work he tried calling to her.

"Aye baby, what's your name? I think I've seen you around somewhere plaza maybe?" He yelled to her.
"Calvas?" She hissed back.
"Yeah who wants to know?"
"Why don't you come over here and find out?" She growled. The reaction he expected was different from what he received. When he got there a sharp punch knocked him onto the ground. His crew circled her but she took them out with barely any effort it seemed. Then she turned her attention back to Calvas trying to get up. She pressed her left hooves onto his back and pulled his leg toward her with stunning strength.

"Should've thought before beating me up and calling me 'Runty Grundy' huh Calvas?"
"That's my name don't wear it out. Oh and if I ever see you laying a finger on of using one of these girls I will personally mount your pathetic little ass on my wall!" She bellowed then let go of his leg to recuperate himself. He got up and saw a small group of Chimera's military school friends standing around him.
"Don't look at me low lifes. I own you." The group shifted and made intimidating advances to him and his group. Chimera stopped a skull crushing blow just inches from his face when he went pale then turned and ran away madly. Then the group dispersed and went back to their daily lives at the college.
One day an exchange student from Vadam Keep got placed into Chimera's school. His name was Voro'Toyulokee, he was handsome and almost as big and masculine as Chimera's father. He had crystal blue eyes (another rarity) and dark grey skin. He received a lot of attention from the females but ignored their intentions. He was quiet and gentle most of the time, but when it came to sports he was fierce and competitive.

He had often wondered about Chimera, there was a strange beauty about her. He found himself wanting to hold her in his arms and lay under the night sky with her. He had recently found out she was his new neighbor when he brought his mothers delicacy over as a house warming gift and she opened the door.

He tried to talk to her as much as he could but she was always in another place a minute later. One day he found her and asked if she wanted to hang out at her place so he could meet her family. She agreed and he walked home with a spring in his step.
Chimera and her aunt Lunari were rushing to get the house clean and keep her little cousins in check while a knock sounded at the door.

"Oh Chimera is that the handsome boy you've been talking about?" Lunari poured excitedly
"Shut up." Said Chimera red faced as she opened the door to find Voro there.
"Oh hey! Come in make yourself at home." Lunari chimed.
"Thanks." Voro said happily.
"Well you certainly are the tall dark and handsome I figured you were." Lunari said then found a scowl from chimera. Voro blushed and looked at the ground.
"I'm most flattered. You too are quite the woman." Voro said blushing more.
"Would you and your family like to come to dinner tonight." Chimera asked.
"I think they would be more than happy to but now let's catch up on a few things shall we." He asked again when two little male hatchlings ran up to him.
"Erm mah gerd he looks almost like uncle mommy." One of them cried.
"Yah almost. But he has bue eyes and derker skin." The other said. Voro knelt down and roughed their heads and said a few un-audible words and they all shook hands in an astounded way when the twins realized he spoke the "Brother Language".
"Bro-code." Voro said to Chimera as she laughed.
Later that night Chimera's father came home and Lunari explained that their new neighbors were coming for dinner and went gushing into the unnecessary details of how handsome or charming Voro was. He said he had heard the name Toyulokee from some where but couldn't tell.

When they came Molaki recognized his field partner and they greeted like old friends. Then Voro came in with his mother and Molaki greeted them respectfully.

They talked about the usual things how life was getting along and how much of a coincidence it was that they happened to be neighbors. And then they began on the baby tales of their oldest children and both found so much in common. Chimera and Voro had both been born earlier than expected but Voro's mother was alive to tell the story of taking care of him, but then again Lunari had raised her niece like a mother and now Chimera helped with her brood of hatchlings. There were some embarrassing tears shed when Molaki and Voro's father started crying over how their sports team didn't win and were all retiring. After dinner they bid their Good By's" and "See You Later's" and left them all in a daze of happiness.
Chimera and Voro slowly started getting closer and eventually they were inseparable friends, but time went by and each found themselves a new job in the military and a snug apartment. They hung out when they were off duty, in a bar or out at a local restaraunt.

Voro fell in love with Chimera but was to afraid to admit it, but she felt the same way about him and was in the same situation. Untill one day Voro invited her over to his place for a movie. When they were watching it he slipped a hand around Chimera's they looked at each other for a minute and Chimera unexpectedly moved up to him and leaned her head on his shoulder, so he put an arm around her waist.

They started hanging out more and a close relationship formed. One day they got into a small playful argument over a drink then waking up to find they were in underclothes on Voro's bed. They laughed about it. Then one day she found Voro proposing to be her mate. She said "Forever and Always" as her reply.