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Stolen Soul Lost Love pt.1 act 1
Posted By: DubstepHigh<lizardz2.0woohoo@yahoo.com>
Date: 1 November 2012, 4:49 am

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Amari gazed down at her feet as she was lead out of her covenant cell. Corsavus had taken in the responsibility to tending her wounds with small bandages from his hip pack but the gash on her right thigh refused to stop bleeding without stitches or surgical borax glue (which the covenant didn't have). "Young demon what does your name mean?" Amari glanced at him behind her black fedora and silvery blonde hair,"It has many meanings, but why does this concern you?" "My name has a meaning. Corsavus means warrior of passion. Was yours just appealing to your parents?" "No they picked that name because it has many definitions from cultures. The Hindu definition of my name means eternal, the Latin definition means to be loved, and the Japenese definition means princess." Corsavus looked at her gravely but with curiosity,"Young demon would you like to know the meaning of your name to the sangheili?" "Sure." Amari replied sarcastically Corsavus seemed to pick up on her tone but proceeded as he prodded her gently down to hall,"Your name has two definitions to us, forsaken idol is the first and the other is warrior of the sacred journey." Amari stared with general interest but slight distaste,"So these profits require my presence, why?" Corsavus looked out a passing window,"Young Amari I do not know." Amari chewed on this thought ~They probably want to sacrifice me to these so called GODs or forerunners as I know them as but I shouldn't be so close to judge their culture.~ she concluded.

As she was forced into a blinding teleporter node Amari felt her self dissolving like salt in hot water then rematerializing into jelly with bones and muscle. She collapsed stunned on the floor of the profits quarters, Amari was unable to gather herself up off the ground seeming that she had her arms pinned behind her back and plasma cuffs slipped on her wrists ~Great back to square one... defenseless.~ Amari thought to herself as she was hoisted back onto her feet by Corsavus,"This is the one is she not brother?" Mercy poked at Truth,"Yes. She has the gift and strong will. She is the one depicted in the vision." Amari silently loathed at the sight of Truth once again,"Child come closer," Truth said in an anxious voice,"you have been shown to us by the GODs. You have been shown as a great asset to the covenant but you have also been depicted as a great dagger in our side." Amari refused to budge from her spot and had to be nudged forward toward the five beings in front of her she left her fedora over her eyes and glowered hostiley at Truth,"What makes you think for one moment I would ever serve you?" Amari growled threateningly.

Amari was forced to come to terms with the profits. She was to become an enemy of her own kind... But not if it was on the female rebel elites life Sakiri who saved Amari and trained her in the art of the assasins blade.
Spartan Pisces-197 was put on the battle field at the age Ninteen A strong fighter from the start but one thing still gnawed at his heart strings when he was fifteen a girl he was passionate about was killed (or at least he thought) there was no body found but a pile of mutilated guards just out section 6B's exit doors. He was still devastated but that is what kept him sane. On this particular mission he and his team was over run by a large covenant battalion,"Men today you will not die alone..." but his speech to his men was cut short as a seraph started attacking banshees and drop ships, it's purple color faded to sleek ebony black. The seraph then dove towards the mass of enimies and dropped a woman like figure she crouched with her arms splayed out and fists clenched in the spot she had landed in. Her armour was a sleek irredecent ebony, her helmet was smooth and held her smooth head shape and her visor stretched from a ring that started at her chin rose up the back of her jaw to the half mark on her scalp, her body suit covered the rest of her head and was tight on her body.

As if on cue energy blades exploded out of almond shaped ports on her sleek black gauntlets and she stood up took a breath and charged the oncoming army. Piscese watched mesmerized at her display of flips, jumps, twirls, and an assortment of handsprings. In a few long minutes the battalion had been reduced to a measly group of cowering indignified elites whom she had stunned with her display of effortless slaughter she glowered at them breathing steadily with no trace of exhaustion she walked slowly up to them and jarred a blade to the chest of the highest ranking elite and whispered something to him. Without delay the group ran for the retreating dropship as the figure gazed from her spot ominously. She glanced at Pisces and his dumb stricken squad of marines and continued on starring. Her energy blades dimmed but were still slicked with blood, Pisces walked cautiously toward the woman who had saved them. When he got close he noticed her hard but feminine muscles and a striking six pack. While he was analyzing her she was looking over him as he walked closer. He removed his helmet and a tear suddenly slipped down the woman's cheek unnoticed she recognised this man,"Who are you?" the woman looked at him as he said this. "cannot tell you... Yet." The woman said as she turned and walked for the landing seraph that had put on a show of its own.
"Amari, good job on the mission today. Want to come over to my quarters to celebrate?" Sakiri prodded, Amari's visor shimmered and dissappeared. She was used to the forrunner tech as the visor left this world another tear streaked down her face,"I knew that man... long ago." Amari said just letting tears slip out of her eyes, she was not one that wrinkled her nose or chin and spluttered words,"Amari you will be reunited with him one day. But for now you go to your quarters and rest." Sakiri clacked her mandibles in sympathy and gave her an awkward hug.

Amari was rummaging through her fridge as a draft of air spilled out of who knows where. Sakiri and her troop of rebellious friends had chosen an old large covenant bunker on a forgotten planet in the middle of the galaxy. Since there was a small group of them, each got a section that consisted of a large loft that Amari used for tech and as a living room, a smaller but still big bedroom, closet, and an exceptably little past decent sized bathroom. The bunker had been used as a research facility when it was previously used. Amari had a large window or transparent wall in her living room loft and a giant flatscreen computer that served as a T.V on certain occasions hung in the center of the wall. Her bedroom had a large bed with black pillows and platinum colored silk comforters and sheets. Her bathroom had a sink and toilet, a large black granite bathtub, and a stand up shower.

Amari continued her search in the fridge when she saw a sangheili bottle of spirits. She grabbed it and thought aloud to herself,"Option one get seriously drunk in my bathtub, option two get drunk with Sakiri, option three take a shower eat some food and go to bed, or option four got hang out with Sanokier my elite friend. Hmmm? I'll go hang out with Sanokier." as she finished her debate a knock sounded at the steel port door. It was Sanokier how could he always read her intentions. Amari puzzled over this many times. She opened the port door and smiled and let the violet eyed elite into her quarters,"Amari there is something I wish to speak with you about," Amari looked at him with interest as she pulled down her grey nylon tank top over her black sweats,"Yes? What is it?" Sanokier gazed at her with pleading passionate eyes and sighed deeply,"I thought it would be to your interests that I have developed feelings for..." "For who?" He gazed silently out the window,"For Sakiri and I don't know how to approach her please help ME!!!!" Amari giggled as Sanokier's eyes widened and his face almost touched hers,"Alright let's go to Sakiri's quarters I'll brief you for the mission on the way there." Amari joked.

Later that week Amari looked in the mirror at how much she had changed her hair was still kept at the short silvery bob but the right side was longer though, the scar that ranged down her right cheek was still visible, her body was masculine yet perfect she rubbed her abs and breasts, stared into her eyes they were still the shocking electric green with the rim of platinum blue around her pupils, and she was taller at least a good five foot nine or exactly six foot she wasn't sure because she was still less taller than most men in the millitary that she had encountered. She then drew a warm bath and sprinkled some of the planets herbs she had classified as a hybrid lavender with a minty smell and cooling feeling she striped down and relaxed into the water and dozed for a while, but as soon as the water started to get room temperature she got out and dressed in fresh new green sweats and a purple sports bra.
"Piscese 197 your helmet cam data is stunning." General Anderson started,"This woman do you know her?" "No sir, our slight conversation got jammed by and unknown signal someone doesn't want us to know who she is but she is human sir." this peaked the generals attention,"Son we need a soldier like that any idea where to find her?" "No sir the chief seems to find a lot of people like that. He just got back from his mission he should be more than happy to go after this shadow of a woman shall I accompany him if he agrees?" General Anderson nodded his head in approval,"Piscese get ready to go on a shadow hunt."

Amari was tracking UNSC signals with Sakiri and Sanokier who (Sakiri now called him her Ferrari) she picked up a faint distress signal in a cave on reach,"Should I bring you or go alone in my seraph." "I think this mission is yours so you should go alone this time." with that cue Amari put on her armor and took the black banshee and left for the coordinates.
About half an hour later she arrived at the cave it was empty and no signs of a struggle or a battle shown she flicked on her energy viscerators and walked slowly into the cave as she dissolved into active camo. She walked deeper and more cautiously turning on her thermal and infrared section of in her helmet. Nothing. Suddenly something stumbled behind her and she whipped around to find the spartan in black she knew and another in forest green who she knew nothing about right about five feet behind her she backed away in a defensive way as the one in green pulled out a DMR and growled with a deep smooth voice,"Sheathe your weapons your out matched!" Amari wasted no time and with stunning speed she kicked the gun out of the mans hands and kicked him into the other spartan and ran further into the cave . She radioed for Sakiri but the signal was jammed and the spartans ran hot behind her heals. Her heart beat fast as her legs flexed and adjusted to the terrain. They began to catch up to her when she was caught on the ledge of a steep drop in the cave she turned and watched the two spartans approach slower. Amari let herself drop of the ledge, but they still followed streaking down with her into the darkness. Her jet pack hissed to life as her visor was almost a foot from the ground and she rocketed into a new channel of the cave system.

Amari was encountering all sorts of new obstacles large crystals arches. Her jet pack was starting to loose power and fast but the spartans remained behind her in their bulky armor. The cave path came to an upward spiral and the night air hung like a picture in a small whole in the ceiling Amari flew straight towards it and found it was just her size and she slipped through she hovered a few minutes looking into the hole she could not see anything but a spec of gold blasting toward the hole she looked closer as the forest green spartan exploded through making his own exit Amari fled in a desperate attempt but her jet pack was slowing. With a bolt of speed the green spartan caught up to her and grasped her arms then jutted his legs against her back and cut the power from the jet pack as they tumbled through the air. The spartan meneuvered her into a positions where he had grabed the section of neck that met the jaw and got in a landing crouch. Amari hit the ground and got partially burried in the sandstone. Her vision blurred and her mind spun her mind went black.
"Damn chief you broke six of her ribs and gave her whiplash. If her suits armor wasn't made of ebony and titanium alloy and didn't have built in emergency medical procedures she would have been dead. What were you thinking?!" General Anderson screamed at the spartan,"Sir I was just doing my job." "Almost killing the objective is not a job. But at least you got the job done head to commander Steven for debriefing." "Yes sir." the chief replied. Amari woke with agonizing pain her armor still remained on her the UNSC's doctors had no idea how to take her armor off. She slid delicately off the bed and found herself yet again boxed in a cell she popped her neck and looked out the energy field that made her cell door. She found a much older Pisces watching her in a seat outside the cell,"I'm going to ask one more time who are you?" no reply,"Please... tell me." Amari just looked on a slim woman walked up to Piscese and talked in a whiney tone to him,"Piscese!!! Why are you wasting time on this girl and not wasting time on me?!" Piscese sighed,"For the last time Lesley I am N-O-T interested in you so get lost your giving me a head ache!" The woman glared at him then at Amari as she snickered then winced in pain, made a face and stormed off,"This amuses you," Piscese started as he walked toward her cell and put a hand gingerly on the energy field,"please I only wish to know your name I won't tell anyone I swear." Amari's gaze locked onto his and Piscese recognized her strange eyes glowing behind her visor almost instantly he knew them but didn't know from where it was so close but so far away. Her hand pressed up against his from her side of the cell,"Remember." she whispered silently she then spoke softly in Russian"" a tear fell down his right eye as he recognized the phrase. Her pupils widened and only the platinum blue ring was left. Memories flooded into Piscese's mind of him and her some years ago then her eyes returned to normal as her other hand touched the side of her helmet and it lit up patterned with her fingertips. Her visor shimmered and dimmed as her soft beautiful face appeared with the familiar scar on her right cheek. Her eyes let tears flow from her eyes,"Piscese. Do you remember me? Do you remember us?" "Yes all to well Amari."
"Come with me." Amari said as an alarm rang when Piscese hacked the code on the cell panel,"Don't worry I am so I never lose you again." He picked her up by her waist and held her small body in his arms then sprinted to the exit,"What I'm doing right now is insane you know I could get put in a cell for treason!" "Don't worry that will never happen." Amari said pressing her face up against his shoulder. They had just made it out the exit with some perusing guards as a black seraph materialized out of a hyper jump and landed quickly as its port opened. Piscese took one last glance at the guards and leaped into the ship to find a curious set of elites staring at him hysterically,"Well don't just sit there start this damned ship." With that Sakiri made the engine roar to life and with blurring speed they lurched forward into another hyper jump. Piscese fell backwards onto his back trying to keep Amari in a comfortable position making her wince when he accidentally nudged a section of her ribs that was broken. Sanokier walked over to them almost immune to the force pushing Pisces unto his back then gently plucked Amari from his grasp in a brotherly way with little protest from this male human. In no time they reached their planet and bunker unscathed Amari had fallen asleep in Sanokier's arms. Sakiri looked at Pisces,"You why did you come with Amari." "I-I used to eh have deep feelings for her and I still do finding out she is alive." Sakiri clicked her mandibles in understanding,"Are you a female sangheili?" "Why yes I am." Piscese cocked his head and complimented her in a friendly way,"You look very nice and are the most beautiful creature I've ever seen." Sanokier returned from putting Amari in the infirmary and heard this compliment and growled threateningly,"Oh stop it my Ferrari. It was just a human compliment." He seemed to lighten up at this thought enough to speak with Piscese,"If Amari trusts you I will too but if you ever break her heart or betray her in any...." Sakiri rubbed her mandibles in a warning gesture her honey colored eyes meeting his deep blue eyes.

Sanokier lead Pisces to a small furnitured loft next to Amari's,"You will stay here and will help tend to Amari's well being, you will be introduced to the team. There is six of us total including me Sanokier, my partial mate Sakiri, Amari who you know, my sister Mioko, Fao our medic who you meet soon, and last but not least Viercese he's is a bit of what you would say a lone wolf you will not see him often but do not be intimidated by his dark green eyes and large size he is docile but willing to give his life for this team especially my sister he has feelings for her." Sanokier and Piscese walked down to the infirmary to meet up with Fao.