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Stolen Soul
Posted By: DubstepHigh<lizardz2.0woohoo@yahoo.com>
Date: 21 October 2012, 3:16 am

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Fourteen year old Amari's life had changed drastically from the age of six and was again about to change. Amari was a trainee in the UNSC base on reach, she was a young spec ops spartan in training. Amari was a sight to behold she had electric green eyes with a deep platinum blue burst surrounding her pupils, short bob-style silvery blonde hair, she was five foot four, slim yet limber, she was Russian but was raised as an american when she was deported to America to live with her aunt and biological uncle at the age four when a deadly virus had killed her parents, and she still held a thick russian accent. She was at the top of every one of her training classes and general education she was extremely passionate and social so she knew many people but only six of her friends had earned a place close to her heart they were a group of guys one in particular she had a crush on his name was Piscese. He to was only half russian but he had a faint but noticeable accent, he owned electric blue eyes with a deep green burst surrounding his pupils, and short black hair, he born and raised an american, and was one year older than Amari.

He had liked Amari too and once in a while he would get them alone and kiss her gently on the lips causing her to giggle affectionately but soon they would be separated due to an unfortunate event. Amari was walking alone on a late Saturday night heading to her dorm, she paused when an octave shriek for help had pierced the silence in the hall she turned and scanned the hall for anyone who had heard the comotion but no guards or other trainees were there just her. The plea once again roused her attention so she ran to a nearby gun cabinet pulled out a pistol there was no time to call for help she thought and headed twords the source of the noise. She found a dorm with its door lock ajar and key pannel smashed, she then pried open the door realizing she would not be able to open it the usual way. A strange sight fell upon her eyes as a young girl was being held harshly across her waist by an elite,"PUT HER DOWN!!" Amari growled threateningly raising the pistol to ironsights. The elite swung his head around and looked at the young human dressed in black sweat pants and a tight grey nylon tanktop with a black fedora mounted on her head.He then reached for his energy sword hilt and in an instant he held a crackling blade to the squirming girls face and spoke,"Human put down the gun and this impure spawn will be spared but you in turn must take her place." he clacked his mandibles approvingly when she put down the gun,"I've kept my side of the bargan so far so you must keep your side." the elite threw down the girl and let her squirm away he still held his blade in his right hand,"Demon that spawn was in no relation to you so why did you even bother?" "She holds infinite possibilities as do I." the elite stood confused and stunned by her clear grammar he tried to look into her eyes but the rim of the fedora had blocked that oportunity. He thought for a moment and then walked tword the young human and siezed her arm Amari wrenched her arm out of his grasp with stunning strength and quickly grabbed the gun and ran down the hall as three more elites pulled throught the dorm window as the comanding elite barked some orders of persuit.

Amari ran with the four elites following hot on her heals she ran with blinding speed through the empty halls the elites held stunning speed as well but they held little agility compared to Amari she pushed herself outside through some heavy doors and felt the cool night air tearing at her bones the elites were temporarily stalled at times when she ran through thick brush why they were after her she did not know she at least knew why there were no guards she had ran past a pile of bodies on her way out of the base. Her lungs were starting to starve for air as her heart beat faster, a few times she looked back at the fading tower of the UNSC base and the angry enemies in persuit her mind started to fade her lungs on fire she grew dizzy and her vision started to blur her pace slowed but the elites shown no relent in their pace she collapsed five miles from the base holding her weight on all fours she pulled out the pistol tucked into her pants pocket she was breathing rapidly she turned to see the elites standing behind her she aimed and let loose all of her ammo on the commanding elite the bullets only bounced off of his diminishing shield her last bullet pierced his shield and burried itself in his fore armour pad but it never made it to his flesh. One of the smaller elites dressed in different armour walked tword her and pinned her to the ground with his foot underestimating her strength she threw him off balance as she strained herself back on all fours he fell and she grabbed the oportunity to his plasma pistol. She stood clumsily then let forth a few rounds of energy missing everytime in her dizzy state she felt a stinging burning sensation in her right thigh she barreled to the ground and fainted.

Amari awoke with her hat falling down her face and bright stars flashed in her eyes as a migrane seized her mind for an agonizing moment she sat up and let her vision clear. She reached for her black fedora and put it on her hat she then realized she was in a covenant cell with a small pool of blood leaking out of her cut thigh she analyzed the cut it was singed on the edges and three inches across and some veins and sinew were exposed she had a few small cuts and bruises and another gash on her left arm but it wasn't as severe as the one on her thigh. She popped her neck and got painfully up to her feet she had a large tolerance for pain and didn't wince when she took a few steps tword the strange bed tested the strange octagonal energy pad it was made of and then sat with a sigh and after a long sesion of temple rubbing she managed to clear her mind she then looked up at the grunt guard watching her with great curriosity,"" the grunt said "Soara se clima gloarse?" Amari repeated back to herself "What?!" she said this time to the grunt it only cocked its head and looked on with its prying curiosity Amari made a strange face and looked away with a few glances back at the grunt.

The elite responsible for her predicament had appeared and was speaking to the grunt for a few moments then entered Amari's cell with a chair. He sat right in front of her disregarding her for a second then spoke,"Human what is your name?" "That is non of your concern." she growled,"I will tell you mine if you tell me yours." she thought silently to herself for a moment,"Amari, and yours?" the elite judged her for a second,"My name is Corsavus. So tell me what was your purpose to your species?" "I was to become a spartan untill you came along." Amari replied spitefully. Corsavus's expression changed from calm to suprised,"So you were to become one of those cursed human demons!?" Amari laughed coldly for a second,"So thats your word for spartans." Corsavus recognised the first language she used but the covenant was blind to other human languages such as her Russian toungue she had managed to keep since her child hood. The currious grunt turned his head to at this language,"Human..." "I just told you my name." Amari interrupted,"Excuse me, Amari what insane gibberish are you speaking?!" "Russian, did you not notice my accent?" Corsavus put on a face of sheer and utter confusion,"Ruhshian?" "No. Russian." the visible part of Amari's face not covered by the wide brim of her fedora contorted into a histerical expression,"Our knowledge of your species depicts you only have one main language and your culture is not diverse enough to host multiple languages." "Well sorry to say your data is wrong and we hold many diverse cultures and most of all we have way over 90 languages. Although most humans you encounter are english that does not make them the dominant species... Satisfied?" Amari said cocking her head to the left.


After their little conversation Corsavus finally noticed her wounds still fresh ~Had they always been there?~ he thought to himself then tried to raise a hand to her thigh. He felt harsh judging eyes upon him as he looked up at Amari he saw her strange soul trapping eyes and felt powerless for an instant as their eyes met,"Corsavus the profits demand to see the prisoner!" a voice rang out behind him as he swung his head around to see a brute guard,"Tell them I will escort her as soon as possible." "Yes sir." the brute turned then left grumbling irritably in his wake,"Come the profits demand your presence." Corsavus said gathering to his feet Amari rose from her perch slowly with a grimace on her face her eyes were hidden again by her hat the elite then grabed her two wrists and put some plasma cuffs on Amari,"Just a precaution." he said.

Amari was walking without a limp or expression of pain despite her wound still bleeding corsavus lead her to a room where female elites dressed her wounds shortly after Amari was lead back into the hall and they continued their journey. Scanning her surroundings Amari noticed some elite guards joining the party some cast her looks while the others just followed their orders deep in their own personal thoughts they exited the ship Amari presumed to be a notorious super carrier. Amari was shoved lightly on a glassy platform. She stood silently stunned as she looked at the strange planet that enfolded her field of vision they floated effortlessly above snarling crowds that cried up to her. They came to an entrance and Amari was shoved inside and lead to yet another cell. Corsavus had taken off the cuffs and left her to her own thoughts."Where in the universe am I?" she said quietly to herself. A loud marching of brutes and elites sounded down the chasmus hall a strange chittering of three covenant voices grew as the marching came closer. ~What the...~ Amari thought to herself as three figures in floating chairs with a battalion of guards followed closely behind she at once recognised Corsavus leading the figures to her cell. She looked and realized these were the leaders of the covenant.

"" The leader of the three said,"" Amari could only guess what they were saying and her dipictions only scared her. The energy feild shimmered and dissappeared then Corsavus proceeded to put the plasma cuffs on her a second time and presented her to the profits,"I can't see your face clearly please pull off your strange accessory." the lead prophet exlaimed. Amari reached for her hat and pulled it farther over her face in a teasing gesture,"UGH, Corsavus this human is clearly incapable of doing this task so please take that er whatever that is off her face." Corsavus then pulled off the hat and Amari's silvery hair fell all over her face and she looked away from the profits,"My lord Truth this human spawn surely cannot be the one from your visions." "Silence Corsav!" the prophet then grabbed the young girl by the chin and forced her to face him.

Amari shook the hair out of her face and locked on a soul trapping gaze with the prophet so called Truth. This caused the prophet to go completely silent and give off a few shudders but she held her gaze and did not blink and seemed to stare right into soul then images began to flash in her mind and she realized the prophet was doing this to see her past who she was and if she was the one from his vision,"What are you doing!?" the prophet screamed as Amari shut out the prophet's prying mind and started using his technique on him somehow how she knew how to do this was a mystery but she probed his mind as he did with hers. Her pupils grew large and the blue surrounding them took over. The two of them stood unmoving and strangely silent. The two other prophets gasped and spoke silently amoung themselves. After what seemed like hours Amari broke her gaze and fell to the ground gasping for air and her eyes returned to normal the prophet gasped for air to and he grew pale for a small moment,"My gods I have never had as bad a headache as this!" Truth said rubbing his head,"Girl how ever did you learn to do that?" "I-I don't know." she said sprawled on the ground,"This is the one." Truth explained to his brothers as they left.

Corsavus lead Amari out of her cell two days later,"Truth, Regret, Pity, Mercy, and Wisdom require your council with them."