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Halo: Second War part 7
Posted By: Carson Woo<chinamancarson@yahoo.com.hk>
Date: 18 April 2011, 12:26 pm

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Chapter 7
3/2/2560 0729 hours
Uncharted planet 'Darwin'

"Where are we, Cortana?" John asked the AI for a confirmation of their location. " Somewhere on the ground of Darwin." replied Cortana. "Can you raise the Forward Unto Dawn?" "No," said Cortana in a desperate voice."Connection was lost since we landed on the planet.

"Dam it. Can you raise the Pelican pilot?"

"Hell no."

"Sam. Are you okay? I'm not gonna lose you again. I'll change my suit."

Sam didn't respond. His biomonitor flashed amber.

"Dam it!" John slammed the ground.

"Spartan-034's AI is requesting a contact."

"Patch him through."

Sam's AI, Antonia, appeared in John's visor. The AI took an appearance of an Egyptian god. "Lieutenant," she bowed, "Spartan-034 is in great danger. He needs medical attention."

"Roger. I'll move him ou..."

The floor under John and Sam disappeared, and the two Spartans sinked again.

"Not again.." John moaned as the force knocked him unconscious.


"He is Forerunner!"

"No! He is Human!"

"Kill him you idiot!"

"Kill him and we lose our history!"

John and Sam heard sounds in their cell. John found that he and Sam were held in chains. He tried to break the chain but with little success. "Cortana! We're the hell are we?"

John heard no reply.

"They removed our AIs." Sam told him.

"Hey, who the hell are you!" John shouted thorough he cell door. "Shut up." a human like figure, dressed in grey armor like the Spartans. "No I will not." "You will."

The figure unleashed his rifle like weapon and shot the two humans. The shot drained their shields. John and Sam immediately closed their mouths and the figure smiled under his helmet. 


5 hours later.

"You two," the alien who shot the humans appeared. "The council is ready for your hearing. Come. " the alien opened the door. "What fu**ing council! I will not go."

The alien took his weapon out.

"Stay calm Johnny,'' Sam told him.

"Dam it!"John followed the alien.


The Spartans followed the alien into a large room. Aliens without armor seated on long benches on the sides, with three aliens sitting at the other end of the room. The aliens forced the humans to kneel before the sitting aliens. The alien who took the Spartans to the room saluted the sitting aliens in a human fashion.

"President, you must kill this armored demon! He is Forerunner!" the alien sitting on the left spoke to the one sitting on the center. "No, President," said the one sitting on the right. "Let the newcomers speak of their identity."

The 'President' of the aliens spoke in a calm voice,"I can handle this matter, councilors," he said. "Let them speak. We are no Forerunner. We will let people speak.

"Who are you, newcomers?"

John looked at the President. "We are Prophets," he declared. "What the.." Sam flashed John an amber warning signal. The Spartans thought that they are communicating secretly, but they underestimated the aliens. The left councilor's own sensor detected their signal. "President, they are communicating!" the councilor whispered to the President. "I know," said the President. "I will listen to them first."

"Prophets? Who are Prophets?" the left councilor demanded. "San 'Shyuum. The leaders of the Covenant empire."


"They are lying," whispered the left councilor. "Deep scans show that their body structure is not San 'Shyuum. They are Forerunner like!"

"No," said the right councilor. "When the Forerunners defeated us, they down graded us. You cannot be sure that they will re evolve as pre historic humans like us."

"You are lying!" exclaimed the President. "You are no San 'Shyuum! You are Forerunner."

"What in hell is Forerunner?" shouted Sam. "We are hu..."

"Sam! They may be Covenant!" said John. He know what is Forerunner. Then he remembered something that Cortana told him, the Spartans and the Admirals. "The Forerunners once fought a war against us, one hundred thousand years ago. And we lost. Humanity was down graded."

"We are Humans." John decided to gamble on his survival. "Humans? Really...." the President muttered. "Free them! They are Humans!" aliens on the benches shouted to the council. "Silence! There will be order in this council!" growled the President. Everyone kept quiet immediately.

"Release them, President. They already reve....."

The right councilor was cut off by an alien who whispered to the three councilors. The three was shocked assuming of their expression. 

"Locked them back!" announced the President. Surprised aliens on the benches asked each other questions. 

Before the Spartans were dragged out, they heard the President's announcement. "There is a Forerunner ship closing in," said the alien. "We must be prepared to fight."