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Halo: Second War part 6
Posted By: Carson Woo<chinamancarson@yahoo.com.hk>
Date: 12 April 2011, 1:50 pm

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Chapter 6
3/2/2560 0709 hours 
In slipspace en route to Beta Centauri, UNSC Forward Unto Dawn

The trip took mere 12 hours thanks to the Forerunner engine. As the ship slow down preparing to enter normal space, Cortana briefed Admiral Keyes if the situation. 

The tactic screen appeared on the main screen with triangles denoting Covenant ships, and squares as human ships. "The Covenant attacked this colony yesterday, with a fleet of 25 ships," Cortana told him,"The Hastings and the Wellington responded to the attack, sending out messages for help. The Hastings is now venting atmosphere to suffocate boarding parties. The crew aboard is fighting back, but with little success. Fleet 361 is about 1 AU from the system. Covenant is sighted by civilians on ground. Marines are on the planet now, but without contact."

"Dam it, it makes our situation worse,"the Admiral punched his console."How many military forces do we have on board?"

"382 to be precise."


"Standard Forerunner weaponry."

"Good. Send them to their Pelicans or drop pods. Deploy in 5 minutes notice. And contact fleet 361. Tell them to hold there fire and get the hell out of here."

"Aye aye Sir."

"Sir, initiating FTL drive cool down," McBert reported,"entering normal space in 5,4,3,2,1.."

The whole ship shook as the Dawn broke into space. The force sent the ship out of control. "What just happened!" the Admiral demanded. "Shields are offline, they are down and charging."said Washington. 


"According to Forerunner files, the Jumper wasn't tested. Although it is indeed the latest technology from the Forerunners, a snag occurred when the field test was conducted. It show that the Jumper can rip normal space faster, but if it is used by inexperienced users the Jumoer can send the ship to another direction from the destination."

"So, where are we, Cortana?" Admiral Keyes looked at the star system on the main screen. "A uncharted system consists of six planets, three gas giants in the six." said Cortana. "If you want to name it, do so."

"Hmmm... Give me a zoom first."

The telescope zoomed in. The three solid planets was as blue as Earth, but with mountains like those in Australia.

"Augusta then,"said Keyes. "From in to out, Darwin, Wellington, Queens town, Canberra, Barker and Bendigo."

"The names are saved in the database."

"Good. Move the ship inbound, twenty AUs to Bendigo. How many Spartans do we have aboard?"

"Six, Sir, two from Contaless."

"Send two to each of the three solid planets."

"Aye Aye, Sir."


11 hours ago.....

Cortana guided John to the Spartans room. "I've getting signals of five other Spartan's AIs. Strangely there's another Spartan on the Shield World that you haven't meet."

"Who?" John was anxious to discover.

"Samuel-034, listed as MIA but confirmed KIA at 2525, first to destroy a Covenant ship in a non-ship to ship battle. How can escape? I'm curious..."

John didn't listened to Cortana after she mentioned Sam. He didn't believe it. Even though Sam was the strongest Spartan, it was impossible to escape a Covenant ship with hundreds of enemies with a broken suit and only three minutes time.

John was anxious to meet Sam. He walked into the room, and saw Maria-062 talking with Sam. "Maria," John said,"thought you retired." "I indeed retired, but Doctor Halsey convinced me to fight this war."

"Sam."John said. "Good to see you, Chief. I thought that I wouldn't see you again."

"Kelly was right. I'm lucky that I didn't give you my suit."

"You're always lucky,man. I'd manage to escape, so I'm lucky too. There's a drop ship near my position, and no body's guarding it. Blasted my way off in two minutes."

Just while they were chatting, Fhajad-084, Kirk-018 and Cassandra-075 entered the room quietly. They sneaked to the Chief's back. Sam saw them, but he controlled himself no to laugh.

"How old are you, miss and mister?" John turned around. "I don't think the rehab station or ONI made you crazy."

"ONI did drove me crazy." laughed Fhajad. "I'm not an astronomer but the forced me to write reports on stars or planets etc."

"The rehab station is so boring," Kirk told John.

"So," the Chief clapped his hands. "You're all ready."

"Master Chief, Sir! Yes Sir!"

"I'm a Lieutenant."

"That puts me more away from you," shrugged Sam.

"Deal with it," John told him.

James-005 jumped out and slammed John. "Surprise!" "James. Who saved you?" "Doctor Halsey. Ejected into space and knocked onto a drop ship, then I blacked out. Woke up in hospital, told that the Doctor picked me up."

"Good to have you back."

"You too."


0716 hours

"The Admiral is deploying us to this system. A problem occurred on the Jumper. It send us here. This system is uncharted, Admiral Keyes named it Augusta. We're going to the three solid planets Darwin, Queens town and Wellington. We'll spilt, Sam with me to Darwin, Cassandra and Fhajad to Wellington. James and Kirk to Queens town. Understood?"

"Yes Sir."

"Today we are at port Augusta," Sam pretended to be a golf commentator. "We have six players today to compete in the Australia golf open. Who wins will get nothing."

Everyone laughed.


"We're hitting ground in three minutes," the pilot told John.

"Thankyou. Sam, get prepared."

The two packed their equipment and picked their weapons. Johnson's Laser was took away by Johnson, but John still have his improved battle rifle, assault rifle and the magnum.

"We're touching down. Good luck."


John and Sam stepped on the sandy ground. John jumped instantly to avoid sinking again. However, John seemed to be unlucky. He and Sam sinked the instant they landed. 

The Pelican returned and the pilot shouted over the com channel to Admiral Keyes. "Admiral, Lieutenant John-117 and Senior Chief Sam-034 disappeared! Requesting immediate assist...."

Before the pilot could finish, an AAA turret appeared out of the sand and shot the Pelican's thrusters. The drop ship exploded in a blossom of fire but the pilot ejected out before the explosion killed him.