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Halo: Second War part 5
Posted By: Carson Woo<chinamancarson@yahoo.com.hk>
Date: 10 April 2011, 5:43 am

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Chapter 5
2/2/2560 1923 hours
In Orbit Of Contaless, UNSC Forward Unto Dawn

The collecting process was conducted by humans and Forerunners. The Elites managed to repair the Dawn in just a day, making a hybrid vessel which have a Covenant forward, a Forerunner center and a human back.

The bridge was placed in the center of the ship, blocking any view of the space with a naked eye. This Elite regulation made the new commander of this ship, Admiral Jacob Keyes very uncomfortable. In order to help the Admiral in controlling the ship, the Elites installed many sensors and cameras to aid him.

Admiral Keyes entered the security code on the pad,and pressed his palm. "Security line please," the computer asked him. "Admiral at the dawn of the ship." "Thank you,Admiral." The doors opened to let him in.

When designing the ship, the Elites consulted Admiral Keyes. Keyes made his own customize to the bridge. A big portal simulated the viewport, showing the main camera.

The bridge consists of 5 stations, including weapons, navigation, communication, engineering and crew control. Each station required about 8 to 12 crew manning them, plus the security teams, the bridge needs up to 65 crews. 

Cortana was there, her transparent figure finked on life above the holotank. John was also there and he saluted the admiral. "Cap.. Sorry. Admiral Keyes, I'll be your weapons station head on this trip."

The Admiral grinned."Mas... Sorry. Lieutenant 117, man your station please. When the time comes you'll need to go ground."

"Roger that,Sir."

The rest of the station heads greeted the admiral. Lieutenant McBert was the head of navigation, Lieutenant Hakoshima manned crew control,with Lieutenant Washington on engineering. Lieutenant Chan controlled the comms console.

"Welcome to the Forward Unto Dawn, Lieutenants. I don't have ver strict rules, but if you got your stomach lost during battles you're surely off my ship. I have a good relationship with Admiral Hood. He'll make a transfer for those who don't have bravery. And I am talking to you, Lieutenant Hakoshima. I am American. Remember 1941 , Pearl Harbor. And Lieutenant Chan, you are Chinese, but have mercy on this freaking idiot not respectful Japanese. To your consoles."

The four Lieutenants went to their consoles. Admiral Keyes saw that Hakoshima was wearing an unhappy face. Keyes smiled secretly. This is  what he wanted. He's seen the Lieutenant's profile. Two demotions. Clear ambition. Difficult to control. The speech to his officers was just a play, the true target was to control Lieutenants Hakoshima and Chan. He'd went soft on Chan.

"I've got Admiral Hood on line sir," Lieutenant Chan reported, "On Alpha priority." 

"Patch him through, on main screen."

"Yes Sir.

Admiral Hood's 60x image appeared on the portal. "Admiral Keyes. We're ready. Your side green?"

"Great Sir."

"Good. I'll upload the coordinates of the rally point to your console. Once we are out of the system, we'll jump into slipspace and back to Earth."

"With respect sir," Keyes asked,"why don't we jump to Harvest first?"

A light flashed and Admiral Ward appeared on screen. The Admiral coughed and spoke."Lord Hood," he said,"I agree with Admiral Keyes. We have enough firepower to rip those bastards out of space. We can even spilt up, and defend the whole UNSC space."

"Agreed. I will contact the Covenant and Forerunners ships. Hood out." " Ward out."

The Admiral sighed and sit at his chair.

"Admiral, all system green." said Cortana."We're ready to go." "Good. Prepare launch sequence."

"Aye, Sir."


"Sir? Launch sequence completed."


The Dawn fired its plasma rockets and it ejected from the launching platform. The frigate soon broke atmosphere and into space. "Lieutenant McBert, rendezvous with other ships at the rally point. Divert 35% of the engine power to charge the slipspace drive." the Admiral told the Lieutenant.

"Aye Aye, Sir."

"Hopefully we can make it." the Admiral muttered to himself.


The Dawn entered slipspace in formation with the other ships. The upgraded drive was even better than Covenant drives. It was called the 'Sand Jumper' by humans.

"Status report, Cortana." Admiral Keyes told the AI.

"Everything is on course Sir," Cortana replied, "no anomalies."

"Good. We can't lose anything on this trip. Cortana?"


"Contact the Point of No Return. I need orders from Lord Hood. Once you get him on line patch him through to my quarters. I'm taking a rest. Lieutenant Chan, you have the ship for an hour. Master Chief, fire at will when a slipspace eruption happened and we're engaged. Lieutenant Hakoshima, send unessential crews to cryo rooms. Lieutenant McBert, you have the right to navigate the ship. Lieutenant Washington, make sure all essential parts are intact and all systems are green."

A chorus of 'aye aye' was sounded with an exception of John's'Yes Sir'. Keyes smiled and went for the doors. The blast doors opened for him and he turned left for his quarters. "Give me a morning call after 3 hours Cortana!" he shouted before the blast doors closed.


"Yes Sir. I'll do what I can. Keyes out."

The Admiral sighed and rubbed his eyes. Lord Hood gave him a difficult mission to destroy the Covenant at Beta Centauri. On his own. Even with Forerunner technologies, he was not sure that can he defeat a whole Covenant armanda. Now he can only rely on Cortana and the ship's fire power. He could run when the situation is bad, the Jumper can charge in 3 minutes.

He decided to sleep first, then think about the matter. But he can't sleep under those thoughts. He got up and poured himself a cup of old whiskey and added a few ice cubes.

"Cortana? Change course. We're going to Beta Centauri."