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Halo: Second War part 4
Posted By: Carson Woo<chinamancarson@yahoo.com.hk>
Date: 4 April 2011, 11:48 am

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Sorry guys, I stated that there is 10 districts, but there is only 8)
Chapter 4
1/2/2560 1359 hours
Forerunner shield world Contaless, the Citadel, Main Meeting Room

A large table emerged from the floor. Several chairs were placed for the leaders. Others sit around the table on sofas. Admiral Hood, Captain Cutter, Admiral H.T. Ward, the Arbiter, the Shipmaster and the General took their seats on the chairs.

The leader of the Elites district, Tarn Vakumee was the first. He bowed slightly to the Arbiter and the Shipmaster, than the humans, finally the General. He took his seat besides the Arbiter.

The Brute leader Cadtarus, the Grunt leader Fapyap, the Drone leader Hatuhasun and Hunter leader Jore Bared Geronerra arrived together. They ignored the humans and the Elites but they greeted the General. They sit in group away from their enemies. John and Douglas found it hard to controlled their temper. They wanted to shoot their enemies. Cortana stopped them, telling them that the Covies were loyal to their 'gods'(the Forerunners) so it is impolite to shoot them. The Drone leader looked silly because he was walking so everyone cannot see him until he took his special seat.

The Jackal leader Kamopee and the Engineer leader A little heavier were the last. The Engineer shook hands with everyone and sit. However, the Jackal was too nervous so he drew his energy shield and his beam rifle. The already high tension between both side reached its explosion point.

The Brute activated his active camouflage and shielding. He drew his spiker and aimed at the Elites.  The Grunt drew his plasma pistol and pointed it at the Engineer. The Drone drew his needled and flew up, pointing his weapon at the humans. The Hunter roared and aimed his fuel rod gun at the Elites. The Engineer drew carbine and aimed at the Grunt. The Elites drew their energy swords, plasma rifles and a hand held plasma cannon.

The Spartans were the first to react, drawing their assault rifles and lasers. They monitored the Covenant, and also kept an eye on the General. The two former Sergeants cursed loudly and drew their weapons. Others drew their combat knifes and Admiral Miranda Keyes drew his combat shotgun.

Admiral Cutter drew his M6D side arm and a ready- to - launch frag grenade. Lord Hood drew his dagger and a dual propose MS23A combat system rifle. Admiral Ward drew his MC6K carbine, a customized carbine.

Just before anyone fired, the General drew his energy sidearm and fired at the table. The table flared but it held. "We are here to discuss and solve problems," he growled," not to make problems or fight."

"Security teams alpha room now," he told Lieutenant Johannasoon.

Everyone lowered their weapons and sit back."Please don't draw your grenade," he told Cutter.

"As the Covenant invaded human and Elite planets, you all must now decide which side will you be on."said the General,"anyone who wants to leave can do so and they will not be stopped. Now I want your decisions."

Everyone thought on the matter on their own except the humans and the Elites. The Grunt Fapyap first found that he was unable to decide on his own."General," he asked,"May I consult my advisors?"

"Go on please."

"Thank you." Fapyap consulted his advisors on the COM links.

"Stupid methane breathers," Major Johnson whispered to Lieutenant Forge,"Cannot decide on such a matter. Idiots! Haven't they thought of the Forerunners?"

"Everyone will consult their own people at last," Forge replied.

The Lieutenant's prophecy was soon revealed to be correct. One by one, the aliens consulted their advisors. The Brute Cadtarus, son of the former Brute Chieftain Tatarus, was the first to decide. "General," he said,"Although I find it hard to cooperate with my father's killer, I will follow what you do." He looked at the Arbiter,"I just have a little request. I want a direct apology from that Arbiter."

Everyone looked at the Arbiter. The Shipmaster asked the Arbiter,"Brother, what's your decision? I will support it."

The Arbiter didn't reply. "I'm sorry,"he told Cadtarus."I should give your father another chance."

"He apologized. You can now cooperate with him, right?" the General asked.

The Brute didn't reply. He looked straight on the Arbiter's chest. Suddenly he roared with laughter. Others didn't understand why he laughed, but soon the Grunt and the Jackal laughed too.

The Arbiter thought for a moment, but then he remembered. "You! You were one of the Brutes who gave me the mark of shame!"

"Yes I did," the Brute looked at him in disguise. "Only someone like you, who don't have any honor, will kill my father!"

"Shame on you, you idiot Jirahanne!" the furious Arbiter drew his energy sword and sliced it through the leader. Death was immediate. "Let me help you in your noble work,brother!"the shipmaster drew his plasma rifle and roared.He fired several shots the Grunt. Fapyap died when he took the shots. The plasma cut through his neck and send methane blowing. The leader of the Elite district wanted to kill the Jackal.But the Spartans were faster. Their assault rifle fire killed the Jackal without shield and send purple blood flushing out of the corpse.

The remaining Covenant member were stunned, and they surrendered to the humans. They pledged to help them.

The General was not happy. One of his guests killed another three. Absolutely unacceptable. But he thought on another side. The Covies caused their death themselves. Even though the Arbiter killed Cadtarus' father, there's no need to insult the Elite.

"It will no happen again," said the General, "Any problems, report to me and I'll solve it for you."

"By your word General.It will not happen again." the Arbiter promised."But only in this room."

"Great. Let's collect the troops then. The war has already started. We already missed a part.