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Halo: Second War part 3
Posted By: Carson Woo<chinamancarson@yahoo.com.hk>
Date: 3 April 2011, 10:49 am

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I've got tired of typing 'The Master Chief' or 'The Spartan'. I will simplily call them their names)

Chapter 3
1/2/2560 1343 hours
Forerunner shield world Contaless, the Citadel

John examined everybody in the room quickly.

General Cernotenant, the commander of all Forerunner forces, wearing a blue armor, clearly with energy shielding. The energy weapon, the plasma type-19 heavy rifle, was slug at his back. The General's face look pale, and John knew later that he just recovered from a illness.

Commander Miranda Keyes was still smiling. Dressed in the uniform that she 'died' with, she looked like a ghost in the Chief's eyes. The three spike holes at her back was clear. The seven scar was also visible. The Commander was put into cryo just after she was shot, and was carelessly ejected into space. The tube drifted through the portal and after Installation 04B was fired, she managed to survive. She drifted to the shield world and arrived just 15 days before the Chief.

Captain Jacob Keyes was wearing his ceremony uniform, with his badge and medals and campaign ribbons on his left chest. The Captain look a little different. He was chewing his pipe. The Captain's implants was took by John and 343 Guilty Spark took a copy of the implants. The implant was sent to 057 Glory Flames and the General made a new Captain Keyes.

Admiral Terrence Hood arrived a month ago. He was on board his new flagship, the UNSC Point of No Return. The ship was modified and its weaponry include 5 MAC guns, 2000 Archer Missile Pods, 1200 point defense guns and 2 Energy Turrets gave by the Forerunners. The Admiral was wearing his hat and his uniform and look happy. He picked up the beacon dropped by Cortana and followed the beacon to the world.

Sergeant Avery Johnson was wearing his sergeant hat and his marines armor. John thought that he was dead. Just when John killed 343 Guilty Spark and ran out, 032 Mendicant Bias who was continually called Light Bulb by Johnson, teleported Johnson to Contaless. Johnson frowned when he saw his Laser slug at the back of John.

Admiral H.T. Ward was wearing his uniform and medals. Strangely, all campaign ribbons were missing. He came with Admiral Hood on his flagship, the UNSC Last Hope. The Admiral grinned when he saw the Chief. 

Admiral Preston Cole was the most legendary person in this room. He fought the Covenant at Harvest, Groombridge, Arcadia, Chi Ceti, and the most famous, at Psi Serpentis. He destroyed over 400 Covenant ships in that battle, and managed to conduct a random slipspace jump that led him here, at the shield world. He was wearing the Admiral uniform in 2543.

The Arbiter was wearing his old armor that Truth gave him. His mark of Shame was visible. He came here when everything was settled on Saghelihois, the Elite home world, he went to find John. He met the two human Admirals that also came to find John. He gave John a nod when John looked at him.

The Shipmaster was wearing a brand new gold armor. He look pleased to see John. The Elite look tired because he just woke up to see John. He fought many major battles during the Great Schism, and is the Kaidon of the Vadum state.

Captain James Cutter was wearing a hat and his Captain uniform. He is already 78 years old but he looked like a 50- years old. The Captain didn't accept the captaincy of the cruiser Prophecy, because he wanted to stay closer to his family. This decision saved his life, because the Prophecy was destroyed during the First Battle of Arcadia.

Sergeant John Forge was wearing his armor, strangely with energy shielding. His head and face was cleanly shaved. A gauss rifle, made by Forerunners, was slug at his back. He was demoted for three times for assaulting a superior officer. He was a battle veteran. When he detonated the Shield World, 057 Glory Flames brought him here through a slip space network.

Douglas, Jerome, Alice and Alan looked the same, but Alan was a little bit different. Modified MA4D assault rifles was slug at their backs. John later knew that the assault rifles were better than a MA5C.

The General spoke to his guests. "Welcome to the Citadel," he said. Everyone looked at him."Today I've called this meeting, because there is something very important that you must know. Today, Master Chief arrived. I must apologies on the attack. My security teams are afraid of invaders and unexpected landings. Your Pelicans and other stuff are stored in the store room. You can reclaim them later."

"There must be other things more important, General." Lord Hood spoke.  "If you don't have other matters, I'd like to address the residents on this world."

"Ah. I'm sorry to delay you." General Cernotenant took out a machine. He linked it to a adaptor in the room. "This is the Addresser. It's linked to every speaker on this planet."

"Thank you."

Lord Hood begun his speech.

"All residents on this planet please pay attention. As of January 12th 2560 , the Human colony Harvest was attacked by Covenant forces. 4 days later, Covenant declared war on us. Is your choice, now to serve the idiot, stupid Prophets, or follow the right path. Is your choice, to do the right thing. Now the tide is not the same as 2525. Humanity is now united. All rebel forces surrendered. The Covenant bastards will no longer do what they want. They will be confronted by all Humanity, and hopefully, you and the Forerunners. Now, all leaders of the districts please come a soon as possible. I thank you for you time."

He pushed a button and the Addresser beeped. Now only humans can hear his speech.

"All humans please listen. As per UNSC High Command, Defense Force, Ground Command, Navy Command, Personnel Command, ONI directive 922, you are now recalled to UNSC controlled space to fight the Covenant. If you want stay, you can. But be warned, if we lose, the Covenant will find here soon. We respect you decision, but make a wise one please. Thank you."

Although stunned, everyone clapped for Lord Hood's speech. "Good speech, Admiral," the General said,"Our forces would like to help you."

"Thank you. And others?"

"The Elites will love to fight the bastard Prophets and the Brutes."

"The crew of Spirit Of Fire will also fight this war."

"Count us too." said Sergeant Johnson and Commander Keyes.

"Me too." said Captain Keyes.

Spartan Red Team looked at each other."Dad," Said Alan,"I think we should."

"Ummmm. Alice and Jerome, I agree with Alan." said Douglas.

"Okay then. Count us too."

"Thank you. Master Chief?"

"I cannot see any reason to stay here."


Lord Hood stepped out. "I'd like to make a few promotions."

"Sergeant John Forge, for your brave actions on detonating the Covenant controlled Shield World, I promote you to Lieutenant.

"Captain James Cutter, for your great leadership and bravery, I promote you to Vice Admiral and Second in command of the 21st Fleet.

"Sergeant Avery Johnson, I promote you to Major for your actions on the Halos.

"Captain Jacob Keyes, I promote you to Full Admiral for your military genius and tactics. You are now the commander of the 45th Fleet, and Sector 13.

"Commander Miranda Keyes, I promote you to Rear Admiral for you bravery on saving Sergeant Johnson and your attempt to kill the Prophet of Truth. You're granted the carrier Titan.

"Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, I promote you to 2nd Lieutenant for your actions on the Halos, on Earth and other major and minor battles across the universe.

"Congratulations," said Cortana.

"Spartan Red Team, I promote you three to Lieutenant junior grade for your actions on Harvest and at the Covenant controlled Shield World.

"Alan-151, I grant you a spot in Red Team and I now grant you the rank Private First Class.

Jerome patted Alan's shoulder.

"The leaders of the other districts are coming."Lieutenant Johanasoon told them.

"Let's meet them."