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Halo: Second War part 2
Posted By: Carson Woo<chinamancarson@yahoo.com.hk>
Date: 3 April 2011, 10:27 am

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Chapter 2
1/2/2560 1311 hours
Forerunner Shield World Contaless, Human District

The Master Chief followed the beeping monitor out of the cave, with his Assault Rifle ready in hand. He's not sure that the monitor is friendly, as it heard from 343 Guilty Spark, who is hostile against the Spartan, so he must be cautious. 

057 Glory Flames seem to be unaware that the Spartan was keeping distance with him. Even so the Chief was still afraid that the monitor was Flood-controlled.

Cortana briefed him on the planet's condition and other matters on a secure channel between the two.

"Strangely, this planet's atmosphere is composed of 192 different gases," Cortana told him,"every district in the 10 on this planet contains different atmo---"

"10 districts? I only count 2 species on this world."

"Be calm, Chief. There's Covenant."

"Covenant? Oh f**k!"

"I said stay calm! According to the monitor, those Covenant are on the Forerunner's side. They no longer serve the Prophets' wishes. There's Prophets on this world, though."

The Chief didn't reply, still angered by the presence of his enemies. Cortana was also unhappy, because of the Master Chief's altitude. "There's something you will love to know," said Cortana coldly."The Arbiter is here, in the citadel where General Cernotenant lives at."

"Oh really? That's great." The Chief was anxious to meet the Arbiter."How did he get here?"

"Guess you will find out."

"Spartan? We're there." The monitor halted their conversation. "Let's get inside. The General wants to see you."

The Spartan followed the monitor out of the tunnel, into a open ground. He inspected the area. A few Forerunners dressed in scarlet armor held some sort of energy weapons that look like plasma rifle. One manned a turret.

A Forerunner in uniform was waiting in front of the huge doors that have Forerunner symbols on it. Cortana told the Chief that it read 'May The Gods Help Us All'.

The Forerunner officer walked up towards him. He nodded to the monitor and spoke,"Good afternoon, Master Chief. I am, in your language, Lieutenant Johanasoon, Chief aide to General Cernotenant, leader of the 1st Secruity Company." He shook hands with the Chief. "The General is expecting you. Please come in."

The Lieutenant walked the Chief in, before talking secretly to him. "I shouldn't tell you, but the General have a surprise for you. You will find out soon."

Lieutenant Johanasoon walked with the Chief through a corridor, before entering a elevator that took the two down to basement  level 12. They exited the lift and turned left to enter a huge room. The Lieutenant asked the Master Chief to sit on a Forerunner sofa. "General Cernotenant will talk with you soon," the officer told him. The secrity officer exited the room. 

 The Spartan didn't wait long until he heard someone coming. He stood to welcome the General. But the one coming wasn't the General that he expected. He was stunned when he saw who's coming.

It was Commander Miranda Keyes, Captain Jacob Keyes, Admiral Terrence Hood, Sergeant Avery Johnson, Admiral H. T. Ward, Admiral Preston Cole and the Arbiter, Thel Vadamee and the shipmaster, Rtas Vadumee

Hello, Chief." Miranda smiled at the Master Chief.

The Spartan was so stunned that he cannot talk. While he was still thinking about what happened, General Cernotenant and Captain James Cutter came in. 

"Oh, you're all here," the General said,"I was having a little chat with Captain Cutter. Sergeant John Forge and another 4 Spartans are on their way here.  They should be here in no time."

Just after the General spoke, Sergeant Forge along with Douglas-042 , Jerome-092 and Alice-130 entered the room. A forth unknown Spartan entered too.

"Sirs!" the five saluted. "Good to see you, Chief," Jerome said, "It's been 27 years since we last met." "Likewise." the Chief shook hands with the 3 Spartans. "And this is..." John asked. 

"Oh, this is Alan-151."Jerome looked at Alice. Alice nodded. John could feel that they were smiling. "Son of me and Alice."

"Congratulations! You two have a son?" John said,"but according to military protocols, you are not allow..."

"I know Chief," replied Alice, "I don't think there will be any war that we need to fight, right?"

John did not reply, he just nodded.

John looked at the happy couple, and suddenly he felt unhappy. It's time for me to have a son too, he thought. I must ask Lord Hood to help me out.

Then he thought of another way. Maybe I can get married! John thought. Kelly? Linda? Oh man...

John decided not to think about the son matter anymore. Maybe he will live his life with no sons...

What is the point to have a son? Or a daughter? To be like Captain and Commander Keyes? Daughter went to the navy to impress his father? Then almost died? What is the point..

John just can't think of a solution. Maybe he need to consult Cortana.