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Halo: Second War part 1
Posted By: Carson Woo<chinamancarson@ yahoo.com.hk>
Date: 1 April 2011, 4:08 pm

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The year is 2560. Humanity is at war with the Covenant....Again.This time, we still have the Elites on our side...But they are not the most important.The Spartans, will rise to the fight,Accompanied by...THE FORERUNNERS.

Chapter 1
Rear Part of UNSC Forward Unto Dawn

After drifting for 8 years, the Dawn was suddenly awaken by a flash of light that is so dim so you can't see clearly. 

UNSC AI 079182, Cortana, appeared on the holotank next to the Master Chief, Spartan-117, John.

"Master Chief, time to wake up! Wake up, John!" Cortana shouted."If you are not dead, then wake up! Dam it, Chief, you are driving my crazy!"

The Chief did not move.

Cortana examined John in the cryogenic tube. She understood why  John is not talking. "Perhaps I am crazy after all this years," she muttered," I haven't opened the tube!"

Cortana checked the bio monitor of the Chief. All was well. Cortana's virtual hand pushed a few buttons. The tube popped and the Chief drifted out. The Chief yawned and asked Cortana,"What happened, Cortana? Have you found a planet?"

"I think so,"said the AI,"it is time for you to wake up."

The Spartan didn't reply. He drifted toward the weapons cache. His battered MA5C assault rifle was sitting quietly, waiting for the Chief to retrieve it.

The Chief grabbed the rifle, and checked the ammo counter. It showed that the magazine was full, but he pulled the magazine out to check for sure.

After checking the magazine, he gathered another 12 magazines and put them in his ammo belt. He also picked Sergeant Major Avery Johnson's Spartan Laser and a M6D magnum. Johnson used a Nuclear battery to power the Laser, so that you can fire 100 shots without using 1% of the battery.

"Chief, we are close to the planet," Cortana said, "We can use a Pelican to land on the planet."

"I'm coming," the Chief replied, "I will upload you to another Pelican so that you can drive it. Maybe we need more transports on the planet."

"Agreed. And you need to go to the armory and get as many ammo, weapons and 2 Warthogs and a few Mongooses." 

"I am on it."



"I think there is something on that planet according to the ship's crippled radar."


The Master Chief turned the Pelican into Autopilot mode, and leaned back to take some rest while the transport entered the atmosphere. Cortana contacted him over the Com.

"Chief, are you okay?"

"The Pelican's autopilot is doing well, but you interrupted my sleep."

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"Never mind."

The Chief turned the Pelican into manual mode, and drove it down. He asked Cortana,"Cortana, I think we can land outside that big cave."

"Agreed. I will take over your Pelican and land."

The two Pelicans maneuvered under Cortana's command and landed outside the big cave. Strangely, a few buildings was visible. The Chief scanned the building with his eyes. The buildings are both Forerunner and Human. The scene amazed both Cortana and the Master Chief.

"What's that?" the Chief whispered. "I dunno,"replied Cortana, " perhaps a few MIA humans and  a few Forerunner And a few monitors."

"We will find out soon."


As the Chief stepped on the ground, he felt that the ground was not solid, and his is slowly "drowning" into the ground. He asked Cortana, "What is happening? I am sinking!"

"I don't know," answered Cortana, "there's seem to be some sort of elevators under the ground."

The Chief kept sinking, until he finally fell onto solid ground. Before he can react, an alien knocked him down and he blacked out.

"Chief... Chief!" Cortana cried. The sound echoed in the Chief's brain and he passed out.


The Master Chief woke, still felling dizzy. Just when he wanted to sit up, two hands pressed him down. "You need rest, Sir." A human voice told him.

The Chief ignored the man. He forced himself to sit up. The Spartan asked Cortana, "Are you there, Cortana?"

"I'm here, Chief," the AI's voice comforted him, "I've checked you bio monitor. You're okay but you need some rest before doing heavy work."

"I know how I feel, Cortana. I know you care for me but I'm okay."

"Alright then. And there's something that I should tell you. This world is a shield world."

"Oh my god. Any Forerunners?" The Chief was stunned.

"Ur...  10,000 and them."

"Great." The Chief muttered.

"The situation is complicated. I will let a monitor to explain."

A monitor beeped and flew to the Spartan. All monitors are the same, but somehow the Master Chief felt that it was 343 Guilty Spark.

"Let me introduce the monitor of this shield world, 057 Glory Flames."

"Greeting, Spartan. I am the monitor of this shield world, Contaless. I've heard of you from 343 Guilty Spark," the monitor said, "I'm quite sorry for you on your injuries inflicted by that rampant monitor."

"No permanent problem caused by 343 but thanks for your kindness," the Chief replied.

"Your, em, AI friend called me to explain everything about this shield world. However, I think General Cernotenant is the best person to speak with you."

"Lead the way please. I'd like to meet the General."

"This way."

"Wait for a minute please," the Chief told the monitor.

He turned to the human who was standing beside the door. "What's your name, marine?" he asked the human.

The marine was dressed in combat uniform, with a ODST helmet on his head. His visor reflected the Master Chief's helmet. A old MA4D assault rifle was slug behind his back.

"Master Chief,Sir!"the ODST saluted the Spartan."Private Howard Gibbs, 1st platoon medic, Alpha Company, 229th regiment, 12th division, 29th army at your service, Sir!"

"How did you come here?" the Spartan inquired.

"I was aboard the UNSC Spirit Of Fire, captained by Captain James Cutter, AI Serena."

"Spirit Of Fire... oh god. The ship of mystery."

The Spartan turned to the monitor. "I'd like to meet the humans here after I've met the General."

"I will lead you there later."

"Good. Thank you."