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Edict by the High Prophet of Mercy
Posted By: Brian Carlson<professor_hojo_ff@yahoo.com>
Date: 11 October 2012, 7:24 am

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(Edict by the High Prophet of Mercy: "This instructional rhyme is to be taught to and memorized by the offspring of all species within the Covenant. This rhyme is to help further the youngest minds ability to understand and honor both our Sacred Covenant and the Great Journey. Failure to comply will result in the restriction of rations for every day cycle that an offspring is unable to correctly recite the rhyme.")

The Great Journey!

By our steady faith we stand,
Guided by their Holy Hand,
The Sacred Rings to Ignite,
To Shed upon the Path their Light.

Forerunner Gods watchful be,
Of our journey that you see,
Leading to our great Salvation,
Deeming us worthy without deprivation.

As we purify each world,
Its burnt remains bent and curled,
With the use of our flaming rain,
We cleans them of their human stain.

An Oracle's wisdom we do seek,
To follow is guidance, Holy and Meek.
To find and secure the Sacred Icon,
Then burn and burn till the parasite is gone.

The Sacred rings and their Light,
The Forerunner Gods in their Might,
Left behind the Holy Story,
The Sacred Journey that leads to Glory!