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Shadowed Warriors (prologue) 0 of 6 by Draconian

The First Encounter
Date: 23 October 2012, 3:54 am

A heated battle raged on a large newly discovered planet "Aries-6-130" the usual human vs. covenant was a strange sight to the creatures that lived there, as well as some of the not yet encountered natives. Grey-146 was one of the three spartans positioned at Aries he lead a small spec ops battalion of six, they were on a mission to recover samples of the plant fauna and of course take care of a small covenant settlement. On their way they heard some rustling in the thick lush forest they turned to see a large lumbering shadow with two pairs of pupil less yellow eyes Grey raised his gun to ironsights and aimed at the beast. It stared and breathed heavily then continued on its way,"General grey what the hell was-" "I don't have the slightest idea." the small group continued on their way to the plotted coordinates with some other encounters that Grey took pictures of, most of them owned wings and were reptilian.

"Sir we have reached the coord's." A marine said breaking the uttersilence,"Men take your positions." they waited for night to fall to strike the settlement. It's guarding troops were obviously much larger than briefing stated they would need to call backup. A jackal spotted them and gave a warning call and the heat was on. It was a drawn out battle and the battalion of six had now become four counting Grey it was five,"Sir I've ran out of ammo!" "Damn me too!!" Grey had to lost most of his ammo and was down to a few more shots they hadn't even put a dent in the guards let alone they would need to face the millitary gathering inside the settlement. The time came when there was no ammo left and they were being flanked from all sides. Grey reached for his helmet com and tried to radio backup but no signal came through. He then gathered his men's attention,"Men it's obvious we aren't going to get through this but all I want to say is it has been an honor watching you rise ranks and..." Grey's words caught in his throat as a flaming black and lime green figure raced strait twords the masses of enemies.
Grey rubbed his eyes in disbelief as this anomole crashed head-on in the biggest group of enemies there was a bright flash and Grey was knocked of balance he gained his vision and gawked at the sight that folded out in front of him. A strange woman with black feathered dragon wings and tail he could not see her head features because she was wearing sleek ebony cloaked armor and half of her face was covered in a black tinted metal garnment, she bore strange lime green tribal symbols on her wings and what bare skin she shown. She crouched into a battle position and balled her fists, on cue fire leaked from almond shaped scales on her knuckles and formed into solid blades that took to resembling viscerators. Her tail took on a transformation like her hands the same green fire leaked from silvery scales and a tinted black battle axe head took form on the top forth of her six foot tail. All of this happened in a split second and a deep animal growl emanated from her as she charged forth at blurring speeds strait at the rest of the covenant.

Stunned Grey witnessed a true warrior fighting. She danced among the covenant hoards taking them out in mere minutes, Grey and his men were absolutely amused when she unlatched her mouth guard and green flames leaped from her maw. When she was finished with the army lying either dead or shocked at her feet. Grey made a gasp of disbelief as her blood stained blades dissolved into fire and were gone altogether. She turned to see where the gasp had emanated from and she saw the soldiers nuddled up together. Grey took a step forward as her tensed muscles relaxed and her tail retreated back under her cloak and her wings loosened. Grey then continued forward tword her in a friendly way, when he was about five feet away her body went rigid in a warning gesture,"It's all right I won't hurt you I promise." she put a hand forward and touched his forehead. All of her knowledge amd language poured into his mind as his knowledge flooded hers. He gasped and fell as she let her hand drop from his face,"I am Amari who are you." Grey regained his mind and replied,"I'm Grey, Grey Anderson. It's a pleasure to meet you." "And you it has been a pleasure to meet." Amari pulled off her hood and rubbed a pair of sleek upward curved horns and she raised dragon like ears in curiosity. Grey could get a good look at her now besides her horns and ears she had silver hair soft peach skin and bright green eyes with spearpoint pupils surrounded by a burst of neon purple, her face was still covered with the mouth piece (and for good reason) he saw small sparks and flames leaking out of slits carved for this purpose, the symbols he had seen later were scales growing in a tribal like pattern she had some neon purple scales that matched her deep soul snaring eyes, she also had earrings made of beads and feather along with some piercings in her wing membrane, and he also noted her muscular perfect body and her five foot nine height.

"Amari I would like to show you to a biologist if of course you would agree to this." "Biologist? Is it a person that studies living things?" Grey smiled and replied accidentally in her language,"" he smacked a hand on his visor and confused he looked to her,"It's all right sometimes that will happen seeming you are not one of my kin." Grey looked stunned and pulled off his helmet to show his chemical blue eyes, sharp angular face, smooth nose,and black buzzed hair,"What did you do to me?" "I just swapped information with you mentally is that considered disrespectful of your culture?" Grey stifled a laugh,"No Amari we humans just don't have the ability to share thoughts." "What a limited mind you hue-mans have."

Meanwhile the marines just stood confused watching the two converse,"Damn!!! What just happened Kent?" one of the marines said to another,"I don't know but that chick wiped out more than five sangheili field marshals and she hasn't torn Grey to pieces. Why?" "Son I don't know?". The two stopped talking and Grey was now leading the woman twords them,"Men this is Amari she is a draconian and this is her home planet," Grey started,"she helped us because the covenant have been destroying shrines, some important shaman, and on top they are killing off livestock." one of the marines quiped a reply,"But if draconians are that powerful how are they killed off that easy." Grey threw him a strange glance,"Because Amari here is one of six legendary warriors that are sworn protectors of this world. Other than that normal draconians are just as vulnerable as us. Anyways she has agreed to come back to base with with us." "Are you sure thats a good idea Grey?" "Kent have I ever made a bad idea?" "No sir.".

"C'mon men lets walk back to base." Amari then replied,"Why walk?" "Well we don't have any transportation or radio signals to call for a vehicle." she gave Grey a wink and she sang a high inhuman octave note. A few moments of silence later a great sleek grey catlike dragon with darker grey stripes crawled out of the brush saddled and decorated for hunting. She then went up to the great horned creature (which the men recognized earlier as one of the four eyed animals) and rubbed its thick bony head with a trace of compassion and friendship. She then lowered its right massive wing and stepped gently across the scaly membrane and motioned for the marines to come but they stood in their places stunned,"Well this is new." Grey said stumbling up the wing causing the creature to look back at its awkward cargo and causing it to twitch its tail irritably. Amari took a seat on the saddle and Grey proceeded to sit behind her and hold her hips,"Men I order you to get on this creature." Grey said with an edge of humor in his voice.

One amazingly smooth ride later the men Grey and Amari arrived at the small UNSC base where Grey pushed a radio button on the front gate,"Can I speak to biologist Ramirez?" an electronic voice buzzed,"Paging Anne Ramirez you have a call from spartan 146 Grey Anderson. Calculating." a soothing voice came over the intercom,"Grey what is it? I'm doing vital research right now." "Well I brought you someone you might want to meet." "Alright but if its one of your colleagues I'm blaming you for spoiled experiments." a young woman in a lab coat and goggles appeared after they got granted access and they gave a reasonable answer for bringing a giant creature and strange native to the base. The woman gasped at the woman and strange beast as Grey his men and Amari slinked off the creature,"Anne this is Amari. Amari this is Anne."