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Halo: Second War part 1 by Carson Woo

Halo: Second War part 1
Date: 1 April 2011, 4:08 pm

The year is 2560. Humanity is at war with the Covenant....Again.This time, we still have the Elites on our side...But they are not the most important.The Spartans, will rise to the fight,Accompanied by...THE FORERUNNERS.

Chapter 1
Rear Part of UNSC Forward Unto Dawn

After drifting for 8 years, the Dawn was suddenly awaken by a flash of light that is so dim so you can't see clearly. 

UNSC AI 079182, Cortana, appeared on the holotank next to the Master Chief, Spartan-117, John.

"Master Chief, time to wake up! Wake up, John!" Cortana shouted."If you are not dead, then wake up! Dam it, Chief, you are driving my crazy!"

The Chief did not move.

Cortana examined John in the cryogenic tube. She understood why  John is not talking. "Perhaps I am crazy after all this years," she muttered," I haven't opened the tube!"

Cortana checked the bio monitor of the Chief. All was well. Cortana's virtual hand pushed a few buttons. The tube popped and the Chief drifted out. The Chief yawned and asked Cortana,"What happened, Cortana? Have you found a planet?"

"I think so,"said the AI,"it is time for you to wake up."

The Spartan didn't reply. He drifted toward the weapons cache. His battered MA5C assault rifle was sitting quietly, waiting for the Chief to retrieve it.

The Chief grabbed the rifle, and checked the ammo counter. It showed that the magazine was full, but he pulled the magazine out to check for sure.

After checking the magazine, he gathered another 12 magazines and put them in his ammo belt. He also picked Sergeant Major Avery Johnson's Spartan Laser and a M6D magnum. Johnson used a Nuclear battery to power the Laser, so that you can fire 100 shots without using 1% of the battery.

"Chief, we are close to the planet," Cortana said, "We can use a Pelican to land on the planet."

"I'm coming," the Chief replied, "I will upload you to another Pelican so that you can drive it. Maybe we need more transports on the planet."

"Agreed. And you need to go to the armory and get as many ammo, weapons and 2 Warthogs and a few Mongooses." 

"I am on it."



"I think there is something on that planet according to the ship's crippled radar."


The Master Chief turned the Pelican into Autopilot mode, and leaned back to take some rest while the transport entered the atmosphere. Cortana contacted him over the Com.

"Chief, are you okay?"

"The Pelican's autopilot is doing well, but you interrupted my sleep."

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"Never mind."

The Chief turned the Pelican into manual mode, and drove it down. He asked Cortana,"Cortana, I think we can land outside that big cave."

"Agreed. I will take over your Pelican and land."

The two Pelicans maneuvered under Cortana's command and landed outside the big cave. Strangely, a few buildings was visible. The Chief scanned the building with his eyes. The buildings are both Forerunner and Human. The scene amazed both Cortana and the Master Chief.

"What's that?" the Chief whispered. "I dunno,"replied Cortana, " perhaps a few MIA humans and  a few Forerunner And a few monitors."

"We will find out soon."


As the Chief stepped on the ground, he felt that the ground was not solid, and his is slowly "drowning" into the ground. He asked Cortana, "What is happening? I am sinking!"

"I don't know," answered Cortana, "there's seem to be some sort of elevators under the ground."

The Chief kept sinking, until he finally fell onto solid ground. Before he can react, an alien knocked him down and he blacked out.

"Chief... Chief!" Cortana cried. The sound echoed in the Chief's brain and he passed out.


The Master Chief woke, still felling dizzy. Just when he wanted to sit up, two hands pressed him down. "You need rest, Sir." A human voice told him.

The Chief ignored the man. He forced himself to sit up. The Spartan asked Cortana, "Are you there, Cortana?"

"I'm here, Chief," the AI's voice comforted him, "I've checked you bio monitor. You're okay but you need some rest before doing heavy work."

"I know how I feel, Cortana. I know you care for me but I'm okay."

"Alright then. And there's something that I should tell you. This world is a shield world."

"Oh my god. Any Forerunners?" The Chief was stunned.

"Ur...  10,000 and them."

"Great." The Chief muttered.

"The situation is complicated. I will let a monitor to explain."

A monitor beeped and flew to the Spartan. All monitors are the same, but somehow the Master Chief felt that it was 343 Guilty Spark.

"Let me introduce the monitor of this shield world, 057 Glory Flames."

"Greeting, Spartan. I am the monitor of this shield world, Contaless. I've heard of you from 343 Guilty Spark," the monitor said, "I'm quite sorry for you on your injuries inflicted by that rampant monitor."

"No permanent problem caused by 343 but thanks for your kindness," the Chief replied.

"Your, em, AI friend called me to explain everything about this shield world. However, I think General Cernotenant is the best person to speak with you."

"Lead the way please. I'd like to meet the General."

"This way."

"Wait for a minute please," the Chief told the monitor.

He turned to the human who was standing beside the door. "What's your name, marine?" he asked the human.

The marine was dressed in combat uniform, with a ODST helmet on his head. His visor reflected the Master Chief's helmet. A old MA4D assault rifle was slug behind his back.

"Master Chief,Sir!"the ODST saluted the Spartan."Private Howard Gibbs, 1st platoon medic, Alpha Company, 229th regiment, 12th division, 29th army at your service, Sir!"

"How did you come here?" the Spartan inquired.

"I was aboard the UNSC Spirit Of Fire, captained by Captain James Cutter, AI Serena."

"Spirit Of Fire... oh god. The ship of mystery."

The Spartan turned to the monitor. "I'd like to meet the humans here after I've met the General."

"I will lead you there later."

"Good. Thank you."

Halo: Second War part 2
Date: 3 April 2011, 10:27 am

Chapter 2
1/2/2560 1311 hours
Forerunner Shield World Contaless, Human District

The Master Chief followed the beeping monitor out of the cave, with his Assault Rifle ready in hand. He's not sure that the monitor is friendly, as it heard from 343 Guilty Spark, who is hostile against the Spartan, so he must be cautious. 

057 Glory Flames seem to be unaware that the Spartan was keeping distance with him. Even so the Chief was still afraid that the monitor was Flood-controlled.

Cortana briefed him on the planet's condition and other matters on a secure channel between the two.

"Strangely, this planet's atmosphere is composed of 192 different gases," Cortana told him,"every district in the 10 on this planet contains different atmo---"

"10 districts? I only count 2 species on this world."

"Be calm, Chief. There's Covenant."

"Covenant? Oh f**k!"

"I said stay calm! According to the monitor, those Covenant are on the Forerunner's side. They no longer serve the Prophets' wishes. There's Prophets on this world, though."

The Chief didn't reply, still angered by the presence of his enemies. Cortana was also unhappy, because of the Master Chief's altitude. "There's something you will love to know," said Cortana coldly."The Arbiter is here, in the citadel where General Cernotenant lives at."

"Oh really? That's great." The Chief was anxious to meet the Arbiter."How did he get here?"

"Guess you will find out."

"Spartan? We're there." The monitor halted their conversation. "Let's get inside. The General wants to see you."

The Spartan followed the monitor out of the tunnel, into a open ground. He inspected the area. A few Forerunners dressed in scarlet armor held some sort of energy weapons that look like plasma rifle. One manned a turret.

A Forerunner in uniform was waiting in front of the huge doors that have Forerunner symbols on it. Cortana told the Chief that it read 'May The Gods Help Us All'.

The Forerunner officer walked up towards him. He nodded to the monitor and spoke,"Good afternoon, Master Chief. I am, in your language, Lieutenant Johanasoon, Chief aide to General Cernotenant, leader of the 1st Secruity Company." He shook hands with the Chief. "The General is expecting you. Please come in."

The Lieutenant walked the Chief in, before talking secretly to him. "I shouldn't tell you, but the General have a surprise for you. You will find out soon."

Lieutenant Johanasoon walked with the Chief through a corridor, before entering a elevator that took the two down to basement  level 12. They exited the lift and turned left to enter a huge room. The Lieutenant asked the Master Chief to sit on a Forerunner sofa. "General Cernotenant will talk with you soon," the officer told him. The secrity officer exited the room. 

 The Spartan didn't wait long until he heard someone coming. He stood to welcome the General. But the one coming wasn't the General that he expected. He was stunned when he saw who's coming.

It was Commander Miranda Keyes, Captain Jacob Keyes, Admiral Terrence Hood, Sergeant Avery Johnson, Admiral H. T. Ward, Admiral Preston Cole and the Arbiter, Thel Vadamee and the shipmaster, Rtas Vadumee

Hello, Chief." Miranda smiled at the Master Chief.

The Spartan was so stunned that he cannot talk. While he was still thinking about what happened, General Cernotenant and Captain James Cutter came in. 

"Oh, you're all here," the General said,"I was having a little chat with Captain Cutter. Sergeant John Forge and another 4 Spartans are on their way here.  They should be here in no time."

Just after the General spoke, Sergeant Forge along with Douglas-042 , Jerome-092 and Alice-130 entered the room. A forth unknown Spartan entered too.

"Sirs!" the five saluted. "Good to see you, Chief," Jerome said, "It's been 27 years since we last met." "Likewise." the Chief shook hands with the 3 Spartans. "And this is..." John asked. 

"Oh, this is Alan-151."Jerome looked at Alice. Alice nodded. John could feel that they were smiling. "Son of me and Alice."

"Congratulations! You two have a son?" John said,"but according to military protocols, you are not allow..."

"I know Chief," replied Alice, "I don't think there will be any war that we need to fight, right?"

John did not reply, he just nodded.

John looked at the happy couple, and suddenly he felt unhappy. It's time for me to have a son too, he thought. I must ask Lord Hood to help me out.

Then he thought of another way. Maybe I can get married! John thought. Kelly? Linda? Oh man...

John decided not to think about the son matter anymore. Maybe he will live his life with no sons...

What is the point to have a son? Or a daughter? To be like Captain and Commander Keyes? Daughter went to the navy to impress his father? Then almost died? What is the point..

John just can't think of a solution. Maybe he need to consult Cortana.

Halo: Second War part 3
Date: 3 April 2011, 10:49 am

I've got tired of typing 'The Master Chief' or 'The Spartan'. I will simplily call them their names)

Chapter 3
1/2/2560 1343 hours
Forerunner shield world Contaless, the Citadel

John examined everybody in the room quickly.

General Cernotenant, the commander of all Forerunner forces, wearing a blue armor, clearly with energy shielding. The energy weapon, the plasma type-19 heavy rifle, was slug at his back. The General's face look pale, and John knew later that he just recovered from a illness.

Commander Miranda Keyes was still smiling. Dressed in the uniform that she 'died' with, she looked like a ghost in the Chief's eyes. The three spike holes at her back was clear. The seven scar was also visible. The Commander was put into cryo just after she was shot, and was carelessly ejected into space. The tube drifted through the portal and after Installation 04B was fired, she managed to survive. She drifted to the shield world and arrived just 15 days before the Chief.

Captain Jacob Keyes was wearing his ceremony uniform, with his badge and medals and campaign ribbons on his left chest. The Captain look a little different. He was chewing his pipe. The Captain's implants was took by John and 343 Guilty Spark took a copy of the implants. The implant was sent to 057 Glory Flames and the General made a new Captain Keyes.

Admiral Terrence Hood arrived a month ago. He was on board his new flagship, the UNSC Point of No Return. The ship was modified and its weaponry include 5 MAC guns, 2000 Archer Missile Pods, 1200 point defense guns and 2 Energy Turrets gave by the Forerunners. The Admiral was wearing his hat and his uniform and look happy. He picked up the beacon dropped by Cortana and followed the beacon to the world.

Sergeant Avery Johnson was wearing his sergeant hat and his marines armor. John thought that he was dead. Just when John killed 343 Guilty Spark and ran out, 032 Mendicant Bias who was continually called Light Bulb by Johnson, teleported Johnson to Contaless. Johnson frowned when he saw his Laser slug at the back of John.

Admiral H.T. Ward was wearing his uniform and medals. Strangely, all campaign ribbons were missing. He came with Admiral Hood on his flagship, the UNSC Last Hope. The Admiral grinned when he saw the Chief. 

Admiral Preston Cole was the most legendary person in this room. He fought the Covenant at Harvest, Groombridge, Arcadia, Chi Ceti, and the most famous, at Psi Serpentis. He destroyed over 400 Covenant ships in that battle, and managed to conduct a random slipspace jump that led him here, at the shield world. He was wearing the Admiral uniform in 2543.

The Arbiter was wearing his old armor that Truth gave him. His mark of Shame was visible. He came here when everything was settled on Saghelihois, the Elite home world, he went to find John. He met the two human Admirals that also came to find John. He gave John a nod when John looked at him.

The Shipmaster was wearing a brand new gold armor. He look pleased to see John. The Elite look tired because he just woke up to see John. He fought many major battles during the Great Schism, and is the Kaidon of the Vadum state.

Captain James Cutter was wearing a hat and his Captain uniform. He is already 78 years old but he looked like a 50- years old. The Captain didn't accept the captaincy of the cruiser Prophecy, because he wanted to stay closer to his family. This decision saved his life, because the Prophecy was destroyed during the First Battle of Arcadia.

Sergeant John Forge was wearing his armor, strangely with energy shielding. His head and face was cleanly shaved. A gauss rifle, made by Forerunners, was slug at his back. He was demoted for three times for assaulting a superior officer. He was a battle veteran. When he detonated the Shield World, 057 Glory Flames brought him here through a slip space network.

Douglas, Jerome, Alice and Alan looked the same, but Alan was a little bit different. Modified MA4D assault rifles was slug at their backs. John later knew that the assault rifles were better than a MA5C.

The General spoke to his guests. "Welcome to the Citadel," he said. Everyone looked at him."Today I've called this meeting, because there is something very important that you must know. Today, Master Chief arrived. I must apologies on the attack. My security teams are afraid of invaders and unexpected landings. Your Pelicans and other stuff are stored in the store room. You can reclaim them later."

"There must be other things more important, General." Lord Hood spoke.  "If you don't have other matters, I'd like to address the residents on this world."

"Ah. I'm sorry to delay you." General Cernotenant took out a machine. He linked it to a adaptor in the room. "This is the Addresser. It's linked to every speaker on this planet."

"Thank you."

Lord Hood begun his speech.

"All residents on this planet please pay attention. As of January 12th 2560 , the Human colony Harvest was attacked by Covenant forces. 4 days later, Covenant declared war on us. Is your choice, now to serve the idiot, stupid Prophets, or follow the right path. Is your choice, to do the right thing. Now the tide is not the same as 2525. Humanity is now united. All rebel forces surrendered. The Covenant bastards will no longer do what they want. They will be confronted by all Humanity, and hopefully, you and the Forerunners. Now, all leaders of the districts please come a soon as possible. I thank you for you time."

He pushed a button and the Addresser beeped. Now only humans can hear his speech.

"All humans please listen. As per UNSC High Command, Defense Force, Ground Command, Navy Command, Personnel Command, ONI directive 922, you are now recalled to UNSC controlled space to fight the Covenant. If you want stay, you can. But be warned, if we lose, the Covenant will find here soon. We respect you decision, but make a wise one please. Thank you."

Although stunned, everyone clapped for Lord Hood's speech. "Good speech, Admiral," the General said,"Our forces would like to help you."

"Thank you. And others?"

"The Elites will love to fight the bastard Prophets and the Brutes."

"The crew of Spirit Of Fire will also fight this war."

"Count us too." said Sergeant Johnson and Commander Keyes.

"Me too." said Captain Keyes.

Spartan Red Team looked at each other."Dad," Said Alan,"I think we should."

"Ummmm. Alice and Jerome, I agree with Alan." said Douglas.

"Okay then. Count us too."

"Thank you. Master Chief?"

"I cannot see any reason to stay here."


Lord Hood stepped out. "I'd like to make a few promotions."

"Sergeant John Forge, for your brave actions on detonating the Covenant controlled Shield World, I promote you to Lieutenant.

"Captain James Cutter, for your great leadership and bravery, I promote you to Vice Admiral and Second in command of the 21st Fleet.

"Sergeant Avery Johnson, I promote you to Major for your actions on the Halos.

"Captain Jacob Keyes, I promote you to Full Admiral for your military genius and tactics. You are now the commander of the 45th Fleet, and Sector 13.

"Commander Miranda Keyes, I promote you to Rear Admiral for you bravery on saving Sergeant Johnson and your attempt to kill the Prophet of Truth. You're granted the carrier Titan.

"Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, I promote you to 2nd Lieutenant for your actions on the Halos, on Earth and other major and minor battles across the universe.

"Congratulations," said Cortana.

"Spartan Red Team, I promote you three to Lieutenant junior grade for your actions on Harvest and at the Covenant controlled Shield World.

"Alan-151, I grant you a spot in Red Team and I now grant you the rank Private First Class.

Jerome patted Alan's shoulder.

"The leaders of the other districts are coming."Lieutenant Johanasoon told them.

"Let's meet them."

Halo: Second War part 4
Date: 4 April 2011, 11:48 am

Sorry guys, I stated that there is 10 districts, but there is only 8)
Chapter 4
1/2/2560 1359 hours
Forerunner shield world Contaless, the Citadel, Main Meeting Room

A large table emerged from the floor. Several chairs were placed for the leaders. Others sit around the table on sofas. Admiral Hood, Captain Cutter, Admiral H.T. Ward, the Arbiter, the Shipmaster and the General took their seats on the chairs.

The leader of the Elites district, Tarn Vakumee was the first. He bowed slightly to the Arbiter and the Shipmaster, than the humans, finally the General. He took his seat besides the Arbiter.

The Brute leader Cadtarus, the Grunt leader Fapyap, the Drone leader Hatuhasun and Hunter leader Jore Bared Geronerra arrived together. They ignored the humans and the Elites but they greeted the General. They sit in group away from their enemies. John and Douglas found it hard to controlled their temper. They wanted to shoot their enemies. Cortana stopped them, telling them that the Covies were loyal to their 'gods'(the Forerunners) so it is impolite to shoot them. The Drone leader looked silly because he was walking so everyone cannot see him until he took his special seat.

The Jackal leader Kamopee and the Engineer leader A little heavier were the last. The Engineer shook hands with everyone and sit. However, the Jackal was too nervous so he drew his energy shield and his beam rifle. The already high tension between both side reached its explosion point.

The Brute activated his active camouflage and shielding. He drew his spiker and aimed at the Elites.  The Grunt drew his plasma pistol and pointed it at the Engineer. The Drone drew his needled and flew up, pointing his weapon at the humans. The Hunter roared and aimed his fuel rod gun at the Elites. The Engineer drew carbine and aimed at the Grunt. The Elites drew their energy swords, plasma rifles and a hand held plasma cannon.

The Spartans were the first to react, drawing their assault rifles and lasers. They monitored the Covenant, and also kept an eye on the General. The two former Sergeants cursed loudly and drew their weapons. Others drew their combat knifes and Admiral Miranda Keyes drew his combat shotgun.

Admiral Cutter drew his M6D side arm and a ready- to - launch frag grenade. Lord Hood drew his dagger and a dual propose MS23A combat system rifle. Admiral Ward drew his MC6K carbine, a customized carbine.

Just before anyone fired, the General drew his energy sidearm and fired at the table. The table flared but it held. "We are here to discuss and solve problems," he growled," not to make problems or fight."

"Security teams alpha room now," he told Lieutenant Johannasoon.

Everyone lowered their weapons and sit back."Please don't draw your grenade," he told Cutter.

"As the Covenant invaded human and Elite planets, you all must now decide which side will you be on."said the General,"anyone who wants to leave can do so and they will not be stopped. Now I want your decisions."

Everyone thought on the matter on their own except the humans and the Elites. The Grunt Fapyap first found that he was unable to decide on his own."General," he asked,"May I consult my advisors?"

"Go on please."

"Thank you." Fapyap consulted his advisors on the COM links.

"Stupid methane breathers," Major Johnson whispered to Lieutenant Forge,"Cannot decide on such a matter. Idiots! Haven't they thought of the Forerunners?"

"Everyone will consult their own people at last," Forge replied.

The Lieutenant's prophecy was soon revealed to be correct. One by one, the aliens consulted their advisors. The Brute Cadtarus, son of the former Brute Chieftain Tatarus, was the first to decide. "General," he said,"Although I find it hard to cooperate with my father's killer, I will follow what you do." He looked at the Arbiter,"I just have a little request. I want a direct apology from that Arbiter."

Everyone looked at the Arbiter. The Shipmaster asked the Arbiter,"Brother, what's your decision? I will support it."

The Arbiter didn't reply. "I'm sorry,"he told Cadtarus."I should give your father another chance."

"He apologized. You can now cooperate with him, right?" the General asked.

The Brute didn't reply. He looked straight on the Arbiter's chest. Suddenly he roared with laughter. Others didn't understand why he laughed, but soon the Grunt and the Jackal laughed too.

The Arbiter thought for a moment, but then he remembered. "You! You were one of the Brutes who gave me the mark of shame!"

"Yes I did," the Brute looked at him in disguise. "Only someone like you, who don't have any honor, will kill my father!"

"Shame on you, you idiot Jirahanne!" the furious Arbiter drew his energy sword and sliced it through the leader. Death was immediate. "Let me help you in your noble work,brother!"the shipmaster drew his plasma rifle and roared.He fired several shots the Grunt. Fapyap died when he took the shots. The plasma cut through his neck and send methane blowing. The leader of the Elite district wanted to kill the Jackal.But the Spartans were faster. Their assault rifle fire killed the Jackal without shield and send purple blood flushing out of the corpse.

The remaining Covenant member were stunned, and they surrendered to the humans. They pledged to help them.

The General was not happy. One of his guests killed another three. Absolutely unacceptable. But he thought on another side. The Covies caused their death themselves. Even though the Arbiter killed Cadtarus' father, there's no need to insult the Elite.

"It will no happen again," said the General, "Any problems, report to me and I'll solve it for you."

"By your word General.It will not happen again." the Arbiter promised."But only in this room."

"Great. Let's collect the troops then. The war has already started. We already missed a part.

Halo: Second War part 5
Date: 10 April 2011, 5:43 am

Chapter 5
2/2/2560 1923 hours
In Orbit Of Contaless, UNSC Forward Unto Dawn

The collecting process was conducted by humans and Forerunners. The Elites managed to repair the Dawn in just a day, making a hybrid vessel which have a Covenant forward, a Forerunner center and a human back.

The bridge was placed in the center of the ship, blocking any view of the space with a naked eye. This Elite regulation made the new commander of this ship, Admiral Jacob Keyes very uncomfortable. In order to help the Admiral in controlling the ship, the Elites installed many sensors and cameras to aid him.

Admiral Keyes entered the security code on the pad,and pressed his palm. "Security line please," the computer asked him. "Admiral at the dawn of the ship." "Thank you,Admiral." The doors opened to let him in.

When designing the ship, the Elites consulted Admiral Keyes. Keyes made his own customize to the bridge. A big portal simulated the viewport, showing the main camera.

The bridge consists of 5 stations, including weapons, navigation, communication, engineering and crew control. Each station required about 8 to 12 crew manning them, plus the security teams, the bridge needs up to 65 crews. 

Cortana was there, her transparent figure finked on life above the holotank. John was also there and he saluted the admiral. "Cap.. Sorry. Admiral Keyes, I'll be your weapons station head on this trip."

The Admiral grinned."Mas... Sorry. Lieutenant 117, man your station please. When the time comes you'll need to go ground."

"Roger that,Sir."

The rest of the station heads greeted the admiral. Lieutenant McBert was the head of navigation, Lieutenant Hakoshima manned crew control,with Lieutenant Washington on engineering. Lieutenant Chan controlled the comms console.

"Welcome to the Forward Unto Dawn, Lieutenants. I don't have ver strict rules, but if you got your stomach lost during battles you're surely off my ship. I have a good relationship with Admiral Hood. He'll make a transfer for those who don't have bravery. And I am talking to you, Lieutenant Hakoshima. I am American. Remember 1941 , Pearl Harbor. And Lieutenant Chan, you are Chinese, but have mercy on this freaking idiot not respectful Japanese. To your consoles."

The four Lieutenants went to their consoles. Admiral Keyes saw that Hakoshima was wearing an unhappy face. Keyes smiled secretly. This is  what he wanted. He's seen the Lieutenant's profile. Two demotions. Clear ambition. Difficult to control. The speech to his officers was just a play, the true target was to control Lieutenants Hakoshima and Chan. He'd went soft on Chan.

"I've got Admiral Hood on line sir," Lieutenant Chan reported, "On Alpha priority." 

"Patch him through, on main screen."

"Yes Sir.

Admiral Hood's 60x image appeared on the portal. "Admiral Keyes. We're ready. Your side green?"

"Great Sir."

"Good. I'll upload the coordinates of the rally point to your console. Once we are out of the system, we'll jump into slipspace and back to Earth."

"With respect sir," Keyes asked,"why don't we jump to Harvest first?"

A light flashed and Admiral Ward appeared on screen. The Admiral coughed and spoke."Lord Hood," he said,"I agree with Admiral Keyes. We have enough firepower to rip those bastards out of space. We can even spilt up, and defend the whole UNSC space."

"Agreed. I will contact the Covenant and Forerunners ships. Hood out." " Ward out."

The Admiral sighed and sit at his chair.

"Admiral, all system green." said Cortana."We're ready to go." "Good. Prepare launch sequence."

"Aye, Sir."


"Sir? Launch sequence completed."


The Dawn fired its plasma rockets and it ejected from the launching platform. The frigate soon broke atmosphere and into space. "Lieutenant McBert, rendezvous with other ships at the rally point. Divert 35% of the engine power to charge the slipspace drive." the Admiral told the Lieutenant.

"Aye Aye, Sir."

"Hopefully we can make it." the Admiral muttered to himself.


The Dawn entered slipspace in formation with the other ships. The upgraded drive was even better than Covenant drives. It was called the 'Sand Jumper' by humans.

"Status report, Cortana." Admiral Keyes told the AI.

"Everything is on course Sir," Cortana replied, "no anomalies."

"Good. We can't lose anything on this trip. Cortana?"


"Contact the Point of No Return. I need orders from Lord Hood. Once you get him on line patch him through to my quarters. I'm taking a rest. Lieutenant Chan, you have the ship for an hour. Master Chief, fire at will when a slipspace eruption happened and we're engaged. Lieutenant Hakoshima, send unessential crews to cryo rooms. Lieutenant McBert, you have the right to navigate the ship. Lieutenant Washington, make sure all essential parts are intact and all systems are green."

A chorus of 'aye aye' was sounded with an exception of John's'Yes Sir'. Keyes smiled and went for the doors. The blast doors opened for him and he turned left for his quarters. "Give me a morning call after 3 hours Cortana!" he shouted before the blast doors closed.


"Yes Sir. I'll do what I can. Keyes out."

The Admiral sighed and rubbed his eyes. Lord Hood gave him a difficult mission to destroy the Covenant at Beta Centauri. On his own. Even with Forerunner technologies, he was not sure that can he defeat a whole Covenant armanda. Now he can only rely on Cortana and the ship's fire power. He could run when the situation is bad, the Jumper can charge in 3 minutes.

He decided to sleep first, then think about the matter. But he can't sleep under those thoughts. He got up and poured himself a cup of old whiskey and added a few ice cubes.

"Cortana? Change course. We're going to Beta Centauri."

Halo: Second War part 6
Date: 12 April 2011, 1:50 pm

Chapter 6
3/2/2560 0709 hours 
In slipspace en route to Beta Centauri, UNSC Forward Unto Dawn

The trip took mere 12 hours thanks to the Forerunner engine. As the ship slow down preparing to enter normal space, Cortana briefed Admiral Keyes if the situation. 

The tactic screen appeared on the main screen with triangles denoting Covenant ships, and squares as human ships. "The Covenant attacked this colony yesterday, with a fleet of 25 ships," Cortana told him,"The Hastings and the Wellington responded to the attack, sending out messages for help. The Hastings is now venting atmosphere to suffocate boarding parties. The crew aboard is fighting back, but with little success. Fleet 361 is about 1 AU from the system. Covenant is sighted by civilians on ground. Marines are on the planet now, but without contact."

"Dam it, it makes our situation worse,"the Admiral punched his console."How many military forces do we have on board?"

"382 to be precise."


"Standard Forerunner weaponry."

"Good. Send them to their Pelicans or drop pods. Deploy in 5 minutes notice. And contact fleet 361. Tell them to hold there fire and get the hell out of here."

"Aye aye Sir."

"Sir, initiating FTL drive cool down," McBert reported,"entering normal space in 5,4,3,2,1.."

The whole ship shook as the Dawn broke into space. The force sent the ship out of control. "What just happened!" the Admiral demanded. "Shields are offline, they are down and charging."said Washington. 


"According to Forerunner files, the Jumper wasn't tested. Although it is indeed the latest technology from the Forerunners, a snag occurred when the field test was conducted. It show that the Jumper can rip normal space faster, but if it is used by inexperienced users the Jumoer can send the ship to another direction from the destination."

"So, where are we, Cortana?" Admiral Keyes looked at the star system on the main screen. "A uncharted system consists of six planets, three gas giants in the six." said Cortana. "If you want to name it, do so."

"Hmmm... Give me a zoom first."

The telescope zoomed in. The three solid planets was as blue as Earth, but with mountains like those in Australia.

"Augusta then,"said Keyes. "From in to out, Darwin, Wellington, Queens town, Canberra, Barker and Bendigo."

"The names are saved in the database."

"Good. Move the ship inbound, twenty AUs to Bendigo. How many Spartans do we have aboard?"

"Six, Sir, two from Contaless."

"Send two to each of the three solid planets."

"Aye Aye, Sir."


11 hours ago.....

Cortana guided John to the Spartans room. "I've getting signals of five other Spartan's AIs. Strangely there's another Spartan on the Shield World that you haven't meet."

"Who?" John was anxious to discover.

"Samuel-034, listed as MIA but confirmed KIA at 2525, first to destroy a Covenant ship in a non-ship to ship battle. How can escape? I'm curious..."

John didn't listened to Cortana after she mentioned Sam. He didn't believe it. Even though Sam was the strongest Spartan, it was impossible to escape a Covenant ship with hundreds of enemies with a broken suit and only three minutes time.

John was anxious to meet Sam. He walked into the room, and saw Maria-062 talking with Sam. "Maria," John said,"thought you retired." "I indeed retired, but Doctor Halsey convinced me to fight this war."

"Sam."John said. "Good to see you, Chief. I thought that I wouldn't see you again."

"Kelly was right. I'm lucky that I didn't give you my suit."

"You're always lucky,man. I'd manage to escape, so I'm lucky too. There's a drop ship near my position, and no body's guarding it. Blasted my way off in two minutes."

Just while they were chatting, Fhajad-084, Kirk-018 and Cassandra-075 entered the room quietly. They sneaked to the Chief's back. Sam saw them, but he controlled himself no to laugh.

"How old are you, miss and mister?" John turned around. "I don't think the rehab station or ONI made you crazy."

"ONI did drove me crazy." laughed Fhajad. "I'm not an astronomer but the forced me to write reports on stars or planets etc."

"The rehab station is so boring," Kirk told John.

"So," the Chief clapped his hands. "You're all ready."

"Master Chief, Sir! Yes Sir!"

"I'm a Lieutenant."

"That puts me more away from you," shrugged Sam.

"Deal with it," John told him.

James-005 jumped out and slammed John. "Surprise!" "James. Who saved you?" "Doctor Halsey. Ejected into space and knocked onto a drop ship, then I blacked out. Woke up in hospital, told that the Doctor picked me up."

"Good to have you back."

"You too."


0716 hours

"The Admiral is deploying us to this system. A problem occurred on the Jumper. It send us here. This system is uncharted, Admiral Keyes named it Augusta. We're going to the three solid planets Darwin, Queens town and Wellington. We'll spilt, Sam with me to Darwin, Cassandra and Fhajad to Wellington. James and Kirk to Queens town. Understood?"

"Yes Sir."

"Today we are at port Augusta," Sam pretended to be a golf commentator. "We have six players today to compete in the Australia golf open. Who wins will get nothing."

Everyone laughed.


"We're hitting ground in three minutes," the pilot told John.

"Thankyou. Sam, get prepared."

The two packed their equipment and picked their weapons. Johnson's Laser was took away by Johnson, but John still have his improved battle rifle, assault rifle and the magnum.

"We're touching down. Good luck."


John and Sam stepped on the sandy ground. John jumped instantly to avoid sinking again. However, John seemed to be unlucky. He and Sam sinked the instant they landed. 

The Pelican returned and the pilot shouted over the com channel to Admiral Keyes. "Admiral, Lieutenant John-117 and Senior Chief Sam-034 disappeared! Requesting immediate assist...."

Before the pilot could finish, an AAA turret appeared out of the sand and shot the Pelican's thrusters. The drop ship exploded in a blossom of fire but the pilot ejected out before the explosion killed him.

Halo: Second War part 7
Date: 18 April 2011, 12:26 pm

Chapter 7
3/2/2560 0729 hours
Uncharted planet 'Darwin'

"Where are we, Cortana?" John asked the AI for a confirmation of their location. " Somewhere on the ground of Darwin." replied Cortana. "Can you raise the Forward Unto Dawn?" "No," said Cortana in a desperate voice."Connection was lost since we landed on the planet.

"Dam it. Can you raise the Pelican pilot?"

"Hell no."

"Sam. Are you okay? I'm not gonna lose you again. I'll change my suit."

Sam didn't respond. His biomonitor flashed amber.

"Dam it!" John slammed the ground.

"Spartan-034's AI is requesting a contact."

"Patch him through."

Sam's AI, Antonia, appeared in John's visor. The AI took an appearance of an Egyptian god. "Lieutenant," she bowed, "Spartan-034 is in great danger. He needs medical attention."

"Roger. I'll move him ou..."

The floor under John and Sam disappeared, and the two Spartans sinked again.

"Not again.." John moaned as the force knocked him unconscious.


"He is Forerunner!"

"No! He is Human!"

"Kill him you idiot!"

"Kill him and we lose our history!"

John and Sam heard sounds in their cell. John found that he and Sam were held in chains. He tried to break the chain but with little success. "Cortana! We're the hell are we?"

John heard no reply.

"They removed our AIs." Sam told him.

"Hey, who the hell are you!" John shouted thorough he cell door. "Shut up." a human like figure, dressed in grey armor like the Spartans. "No I will not." "You will."

The figure unleashed his rifle like weapon and shot the two humans. The shot drained their shields. John and Sam immediately closed their mouths and the figure smiled under his helmet. 


5 hours later.

"You two," the alien who shot the humans appeared. "The council is ready for your hearing. Come. " the alien opened the door. "What fu**ing council! I will not go."

The alien took his weapon out.

"Stay calm Johnny,'' Sam told him.

"Dam it!"John followed the alien.


The Spartans followed the alien into a large room. Aliens without armor seated on long benches on the sides, with three aliens sitting at the other end of the room. The aliens forced the humans to kneel before the sitting aliens. The alien who took the Spartans to the room saluted the sitting aliens in a human fashion.

"President, you must kill this armored demon! He is Forerunner!" the alien sitting on the left spoke to the one sitting on the center. "No, President," said the one sitting on the right. "Let the newcomers speak of their identity."

The 'President' of the aliens spoke in a calm voice,"I can handle this matter, councilors," he said. "Let them speak. We are no Forerunner. We will let people speak.

"Who are you, newcomers?"

John looked at the President. "We are Prophets," he declared. "What the.." Sam flashed John an amber warning signal. The Spartans thought that they are communicating secretly, but they underestimated the aliens. The left councilor's own sensor detected their signal. "President, they are communicating!" the councilor whispered to the President. "I know," said the President. "I will listen to them first."

"Prophets? Who are Prophets?" the left councilor demanded. "San 'Shyuum. The leaders of the Covenant empire."


"They are lying," whispered the left councilor. "Deep scans show that their body structure is not San 'Shyuum. They are Forerunner like!"

"No," said the right councilor. "When the Forerunners defeated us, they down graded us. You cannot be sure that they will re evolve as pre historic humans like us."

"You are lying!" exclaimed the President. "You are no San 'Shyuum! You are Forerunner."

"What in hell is Forerunner?" shouted Sam. "We are hu..."

"Sam! They may be Covenant!" said John. He know what is Forerunner. Then he remembered something that Cortana told him, the Spartans and the Admirals. "The Forerunners once fought a war against us, one hundred thousand years ago. And we lost. Humanity was down graded."

"We are Humans." John decided to gamble on his survival. "Humans? Really...." the President muttered. "Free them! They are Humans!" aliens on the benches shouted to the council. "Silence! There will be order in this council!" growled the President. Everyone kept quiet immediately.

"Release them, President. They already reve....."

The right councilor was cut off by an alien who whispered to the three councilors. The three was shocked assuming of their expression. 

"Locked them back!" announced the President. Surprised aliens on the benches asked each other questions. 

Before the Spartans were dragged out, they heard the President's announcement. "There is a Forerunner ship closing in," said the alien. "We must be prepared to fight."