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Halo: Revival by Carson Woo

Halo: Revival part 1
Date: 27 April 2011, 7:26 pm

A hundred thousand years before the Human Covenant War, the prehistoric Human-Prophets empire, based on Charum Hakkor, fought a war against the Forerunners. We lost. Millions were killed in this war, devastating Human and Forerunner world alike. But this war's cause, is not our fault.

The cause of this war is the criminal. Now, 60 years after the Human- Covenant War, the remains of the Covenant signed a pact and surrendered to the Elites-Human alliance. Millions of aliens rushed to establish their colonies under human control. However, those who surrendered all held a closely guarded secret.... The place where the remaining Prophets are hiding.

However, this planet, camouflaged as a large asteroid, held another secret. This planet, once serving as a Forerunner lab, is the only place where the last of the cause remains. Can you guess who they are?

Well I suppose you are right. They are the Flood. Only the prehistoric Humans and Prophets have a cure for the Flood, but it is destroyed. Or everyone except some thought so. 

Now the Flood is rising from the underworld, under the leadership of a Gravemind. No one can stop them. But a civilization, hidden in the edge of the Galaxy, the last of a great empire, that can match the Forerunners even in a war that is not fair. They will discover the Flood, join forces with their sons and their former ally, and destroy the Flood. 

This civilization, waiting to emerge again, must face their enemies that once treat them as their successor, fought a war against them. 

However, the enemies of this civilization that have the cure of the Flood, also have seeds of their civilization. Will they fight their enemies, or unite with others to fight a greater enemy? After all these years, will they still treat themselves as the keepers of the galaxy?

Both are waiting for their revival. Both will face each other in their challenge for the universe. However, the Flood will not sit out of this war. Which side will the Gravemind be on?

The Spartans IIs, along with class II and class IIIs, and the legendary Spartan -117, will rise to the fight with their ancestors. They are the most highly trained humans, and the last hope when the situation is getting worse. With an all new technology that can extend their life span, they will stop at nothing until their foes are destroyed.

Read to find out the story. Enjoy!  

Unknown position, somewhere in the universe
1302 Hours, 9/10/2613

Cortana slowly woke up. She felt a sense of excitement, along with a worried feeling. This is not good, she thought. An AI can never sleep. However, this AI, with the latest technology from ONI and the Forerunners, can.

Cortana checked John's status. Everything was going well. Since her lifespan ended 57 years ago, she was still puzzled. How can a Smart human AI live more than 7 years? 

She decided to give up on doing her research. She slept again.


Cortana felt a crashing sound just after she slept. Another unexpected anomaly. No. It is not an anomaly. She is a smart AI, so that she can learn. Maybe it is another ability the Forerunner technology gave her.

She checked the sensor, and discovered that she can connect her mind with the sensor. The crashing sound was cause by her connection with the sensor. The ship was entering an unknown planet's atmosphere! 

Cortana immediately started the process to open the Chief's cryogenic tube. Sudden unfreeze may cause back pain or other problems, but she cannot care about that. She prepared the only escape pod left.

The escape pod was originally used only by the captain, so it is the best and biggest escape pod on the ship. It can contain a Pelican, two warthogs, five mongooses and lots of weapons and ammo. The pod is basically a small ship, and have thirty Archer missiles mounted. The armor can sustain two plasma torpedoes.

Just after Cortana finished her preparation job, Master Chief floated out of the cryogenic tube. "Good afternoon, Cortana," he yawned. John stretched his body but he stopped because of the pain. "Ouch," he said. "What the matter? What is so important that you have to sudden unfreeze me?"

Cortana don't have time to explain. "I will brief you later," she answered. "Now, get to the escape pod." A blue arrow appeared on the Chief's HUD. "Follow the arrow and go quickly!"

"I'll pick up my weapons first." said John. "I cannot step on an unknown place unarmed." "Oh now you know we're about to crash," replied Cortana." Your weapons are on the pod. Now get to it or we all die together."

John didn't reply. He sprinted as fast as he could and arrived at the escape pod in a mere two minutes. "Quick, Chief," Cortana urged."Get into the pod now!"

"Is this the pod?" John looked at the huge pod in front of him. "Yes," answered Cortana. "It's huge. I haven't saw one ever." "It is reserved for the whole bridge crew," Cortana said as the Chief entered the pod. "Get to the control panel. It's upstairs."

John ascend to the upper floor. He saw the panel and pressed the switch. The pod ejected out of the ship and slowly entered the atmosphere.

"I need weapons," said John. "Go straight to the end of the corridor then turn left. There's the armory."


"After you picked your weapons, come out to the corridor then turn right. There's a Hornet inside. Go to the end of the room and you will see a rack of missiles and machine gun ammo. Load them up by pressing the switch on the panel inside the cockpit of the aircraft."

"Got it."

The Chief picked a BR55 battle rifle, his MA5C assault rifle and a M6D magnum. He then turned right and prepared the Hornet. "All done Chief," said Cortana. "Now, do you want to search the planet on ground or up in the air?"

"What do you think?" asked the Chief. 

"Hmmm. A Hornet have better firepower and can escape from danger much quicker. However, the Warthog downstairs is modified. It can generate electricity while you're using it. The turret is automated and two rocket launcher are added on both sides."

The Chief cannot decide which is better."The pod have thrusters, right?" "Yes." "Fuel?" "Not enough to execute your plan. I know what you are thinking!"

John sighed. "The Hornet will do,"John decided. "Great."

John positioned himself on the pilot's seat. "Let's go," he said. "Wait." said Cortana. "I can touch this pod down. It can serve as a base." "Good thinking. Do it."

:) To Be Continued......:)

Halo: Revival part 2
Date: 8 May 2011, 9:18 am

Unknown Planet
1422 Hours, 9/10/2613

The escape pod slowly touched down on the unknown planet. Two heavy metal legs put the pod firmly on the ground. An AV-14 Hornet assault aircraft emerged out of the pod.

"Where should we go, Cortana?" the Master Chief asked Cortana. "Strangely, I'm detecting massive transmission signals underground," the AI observed. "We should find a way to enter the underground world, Chief." "Let's get back to the base," said John. "We will get the 'hog and find the entry."


"There it is!" exclaimed Cortana. "Gun it Chief, use the launcher to smash it open." "Roger that." the Chief replied. John pressed a button on the Warthog's control panel.

Two HE-66 rockets raced towards the heavy metal doors. However, before they can reach the target, a pair of air to ground missiles detonated in front of the rockets. The rockets turned and faced the Warthog.

"Watch out!" Cortana cried to the Chief. John immediately steered the Warthog away from the rockets, but with little effect as the rockets have tracking ability. John hit the brakes to fake the tracking machine that the vehicle was already destroyed and was evaporated. However, an EMP bomb suddenly came flying out of the metal door and made the engine stuck.

"Jump Chief!" Cortana shouted. John used his jet pack to eject himself out. He was lucky to escape but the 'hog was destroyed by the rockets. "Poor 'hog," said Cortana in a sad voice. "I must avenge him."

"Stop being sil....." John was cut off by a scratching voice. The huge metal doors opened to reveal a tank-like weapon with the main cannon facing John. "Under that tank is a Forerunner symbol," said Cortana. "Looks like that the surface is a cover to hide the symbols."

"Don't move," a deep voice told the Chief, "We don't want to kill innocent people. You, put down your weapons. We must investigate before we can trust you."

"Chief, do what they told you," whispered Cortana. "That tank is even more powerful than a Scarab. It can evaporate you before you notice it fired." John took the AI's advice and put down his weapons. Three aliens of average human size seized the Chief without resistance. Another alien retrieved his weapons.

The aliens pushed the Master Chief through the door. Behind the door and the tank is a massive maze of buildings, fortresses and factories with Forerunner symbols on it. John was brought to the centre of the maze. He was pushed into a building that is like a city hall.

The guards guarding the building held John strongly. "Release the newcomer," the voice said. "Let him go inside to the council main conference room." The guards obeyed the voice and let the Chief go. John stretched his arms and legs before moving to the conference room.

After John entered the room, the doors slammed shut. There was no one in the room. "What do you want," John told the voice. He was answered by silence. Deep silence that made John nervous. He prepared himself for close combat.

However, noting came to meet the Spartan. John decided to sit on one of the chairs to rest. However, he will soon regret this decision. The second John was seated, a rattling sound started and John's chair along with the whole room sink into the underground.

"Cortana what just happened? " John asked his companion. "How odd," Cortana observed. "It is highly unusual that a civilization with such advance technology will use a chair as the key to open the door to the underground. How unexpected ..."

John explored the underground. Forerunner terminals were all over the place. He checked one of the terminals. A scroll of unreadable Forerunner words appeared on the screen. "If I am right," Cortana said,"This terminal have the newest information on the planet and its people. This piece of information is about their leader."

Cortana translated the words and put them on the Chief's HUD. John read the information. It was about the Forerunner former military leader, Brilliant Lights of the Suns. Light ruled the Forerunners for about 60 years and is a 'Fifth Form' according to the article. He defeated his political enemies using brute force and triggered a civil war on the world. Light finally win with the cost of the death of 3 of his sons.

Light ruled with uneven law and corrupted the government. Forerunners suffered under his rule. He starved people and took their households and all their money. Millions who opposed him were executed. 

The sufferings ended when the savior of the race stood up against the tyrant. The Forerunner named Glory of the Flames fought Light using guerrilla tactics and lowered the number of Light's army and soon defeated Light's last 40 man in the underground where John was.

"How do you feel?" Cortana inquired. "Nothing," replied the Chief. "I have nothing to do with the Forerunners." Cortana sighed at the Master Chief's reply. "You didn't get my question. You are in a Forerunner city now. How do you feel?"