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Halo2 Xbox tip details

Swords on lockout (cont.)

To add to my previous submission, swords on lockout reveals a truely deadly tactic, fooling the enemy with false gain. This tactic applies best to 2 on 2 swords. The perch clockwise the lift is a good place to snipe with a BR if you have default weapons. It doubles as a free point for the other team on slayer. One time we were tied, 48-48 out of 50. We both stood on the perch. Then I saw them head up from the center. I jumped down and followed. My partner was killed as they came up, but I got one of them in the back when it happened. The partner for a second dismisses the death as KIA by my partner. The second was enough to recover and win the game, 50-49. Remember, when in doubt, use the prospect of false gain.