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How to Use Marines

A Short Guide on How to Use Marines Best

Marines have had a major upgrade in skill and weaponry since Halo 2, allowing them to effectivly engage the enemy (i.e., not dying in the first 5 seconds upon enemy contact) .However, they still have their weaknesses. Here's a list of the annoyances that come from having a couple of marines by your side.
1. Marines are next to useless up close. If an elite, or a pack of grunts closes with a marine, 95 percent of the time, he/she will die. This is true even if said marine is armed with CQB weaponry (SMG's , shotguns, etc). If you want to keep your marines alive, keep an eye on any advancing enemies. If they get too close, frag 'em.
2. Friendly Fire. Marines with explosives are dangerous. Useful in wide areas, but once you engage the enemy in narrow spaces, quite a lot of the time you'll be flying through the air because a marine saw an enemy right next to you and shot. The same goes for grenades. Try and stay slightly behind marines with heavier weapons, or take it off them.
3. You can't sneak up on an enemy if a marine is with you. Period. The marine will always open fire on the enemy on front of you, regardless if it's a tank, or a Spec Ops elite or anything. There's only one solution for this, a whack on the back of the neck. One of the reasons I don't sneak around.

This said, marines are a great boon to you. Here's why. 1. Suppresing Fire. Marines can keep enemies pinned down behind cover. This means that yo can run foward with a CQB weapon (Shotgun, sword, SMG, etc), take out the Covenant and move on.
2. Help in Close-Quarters. Yes I know what I said before, that marines were generally useless in close combat, but they can always lend a hand by weakening or finishing off Covenant that you've closed with. I find that marines armed with a mixture of plasma rifles and shotguns are best at this.
3. Drawing fire. The marines rush towards the snipers/tanks/hunters/etc, and while they're busy slaughtering them you can get a shot/circle round/ shoot them in the back with a Sniper rifle/etc. Be warned, you do feel rather guilty for using this tactic.

Also to bear in mind that you need the right tool for the job. Differant weapons work best at differant ranges. Here a list of what works best.
Short Range- Shotgun, Plasma weaponry, SMG, Battle Rifle.
Medium Range- Battle Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher.
Long Range- Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher.
Try and guess what range the terrain will offer.
By the way, these hints will also work with Covenant team mates. However bear in mind that they tend to run after enemies, and have better protection theb marines.

Well, that's all I've got. I hope that these tips will help you best use your marines. Best of luck!