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Halo2 Xbox tip details

Health and shield recharging rates

There is health in Halo 2 and it is not simply your shields. Everyone knows that you can take a few non-head shots after your shields go down, but you are not at full health simply because your shields come back up. In fact, it may take up to 6-7 seconds after your shields come back up before you are at full health (depending on how much damage you took after your shields went down).

As an example of this, take a plasma pistol charged shot and take down someone's shields. Then shoot that player with 5 gutshots using the magnum (a 6th gutshot will kill). Now get another charged shot ready and the moment the player's shields come back up, hit them with the charged shot and then you should be able to kill them with one gutshot (maybe two if you weren't quick enough with the charged shot). If you wait about 6-7 seconds after shields are up before hitting the player with the charged shot, it will again take 6 gutshots to kill them, so health does replenish and it doesn't take long after your shields come back up.

This may explain why it seems that sometimes in the heat battle when your shields have just come back, that you might die quicker than normal, you were not at full strength even though your shields were at full strength.