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Halo2 Xbox tip details

Kill Tartarus with Banshee

This helps on any difficulty but as you may have guessed takes longer to kill him in legendary as he is harder and tougher but it can still be done. On 'great journey' after you team up with the humans and they blow a hole into the control room with the scarab, get a banshee as you are supposed to do and go inside with the banshee, you may need to shoot off its wings but I find that I can get through without, turn the banshee to left as you are meant to do then look up there will be a gap to the top left of where you are it will be just big enough for the banshee wings or not, if you have difficulty getting through then try using the aerodynamic dodges 'A+up or down' and you should be able to get though then if you turn to the right there will be another opening slip through it using the same methods land and get out of the banshee to open the door then jump in and go in before it closes. Destroy the brutes in here then fly through the door with the banshee. The cut scene will show up and then you start on foot again, but the banshee is still there if you jump backwards before Tartarus brutes hit you and pass the sergeant back to the corridor you will see it get in and fly through the gap using same methods as before then kill Tartarus or explore. you can go to where the brutes spawn but its a dead end and you can also reach the top. Don't go below the control room as you just dead straight. For those who play it on legendary when you have the banshee aim only for Tartarus but try to block a few of his moves with 'boost' as they can still affect you, when he calls on his brutes back away some good distance and snipe the brutes with the banshee don't get close as they're accuracy with plasma grenade and brute shot is perfect as is a 1 hit knock out, after you take out the brutes (I find it easy with the fuel rod) aim for Tartarus again, when he calls on his brutes back away and snipe as before. Keep repeating until he dies. for extra damage to Tartarus and brutes use the fuel rod in the banshee 'B button'. IF you end the level in the right place you can even see the banshee in the cut scene when Keyes grabs the index its only for a few seconds but is still worth watching