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Halo2 Xbox tip details

Fighting the Flood - Halo 2

Okay, if you thought fighting the Covenant could be hard enough, well...it gets a lot worse. They can be quite dangerous and can kill you in a matter of seconds. That is what this is for. To help reduce the pain.


Sadly, the shotgun is now somewhat less effective against the flood, so now it may take a couple of shots. But no matter. We now have the Energy sword to cut them into thin air. The sentinel beam is a pretty good weapon against the flood combat forms and it is useful if they have a very dangerous weapon and cutting off that arm. You can kill 1-2 combats before it overheats, so use it wisely. The rest of the weapons however, are useless and don't do much to them, especially the Plasma weapons. The Plasma Pistol may be powerful with the overcharge, but it is completely useless against the flood. You can use the Fuel Rod Gun or the Rocket Launcher if you wish, but your just wasting ammo and you may need it on other things. But the rest of the human weapons are just worthless. Try the sniper rifle. It'll do absolutely nothing.

And you know what the Rocket Launcher and Fuel Rod Gun are worth using for? Destroying flood controlled vehicles! They can be quite annoying due to the fact that they drive like freaking drunks. Also, remember that meleeing them does nothing to them at all. Also, WATCH YOUR BACK. Their melee attacks are now often a one hit kill, so be aware of that from now on.

Yes, the flood now can operate vehicles if you were wondering and the only good thing is they usually aren't very good drivers. Same thing about turret accuracy.

And you want to know what makes killing combat forms harder? The fact that they now have energy shields. That sure hurts, doesn't it?

Fighting the infection forms is simple. Just melee them or use short bursts if your using an SMG. Shooting them is a huge waste of ammo. And you can let a couple attach to your shields and explode, but don't let too many. You really don't want them to drop your shields or they will eat you alive. Literally. They will. They are a bit more powerful than in the first Halo. And what's bad about the infections is really that they can reanimate dead combat forms, unless they're chopped up completely. So if you see some dead combat forms, quickly use an energy sword and reduce them to dirt and sand before the infection forms come and bring them back to life. This is something you don't want to happen in some levels, like in Oracle. The last thing you want to deal with is more flood.

Carrier Forms are a bit weaker than in the first Halo, and that's some good news. They can still do some damage to your shields, so be aware. If they are near a group of combat forms, shoot the carriers where they used to have knees. They should explode and kill everything around them. Then you should have to deal with a couple of infections. No problemo.

In some levels, the flood can be dangerous, especially with shotguns because they could destroy you instantly up close. The flood with rocket launchers can be a threat, but they're usually very inaccurate, so just strafe and you should live. You should be able to tell they have a rocket launcher if you see a random rocket through mid air. And in legendary, you definitely want to look out for Sniper Floods. They can be frighteningly accurate and sadly, there's pretty much nothing you can do except find good cover or get in a vehicle and try to blow them up or turn them into road kill. The only real time you really don't want to find them is in one part of High Charity, because if your in one tunnel, a sniper flood may be spawned there and your warning of his presence is usually you getting a bullet penetrating through your skull.