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Halo2 Xbox tip details

More help on the Prophet of Regret

I found a pair of easier ways of doing this that are much quicker if you do them right. First is done by yourself. You need a beam sword and for mental aid, a plasma pistol. The pistol is for the elites, all you do is overcharge and slice. Now for the Prophet. Lunge at the prophet, and board the second after you 'hear' a successful hit. You will apparently board and cut him at the same time! This can even result in one hit kills! WOOOOOO.

Ok and for the other idea, you need a friend for this. This is if your trying to beat the game in co-op. this is very easy. Just have one person board the throne, and the other give him hell. Snipe, 2 smg, br, whatever. Rocket might work, try it yourself. What... I'm not

So I hope that this helped anyone without the machine-like timing of Robert D. Prez. His idea does work though, so give them both a try.