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Knowing your Enemies: THE GRUNT

Well, we all think we know about the Covies. Brutes and Elites are tough to kill, and Grunts suck. Well, if you get to know the distinctive traits of your enemies, you'll have an enormous tactical and strategic advantage over them. So today I'll cover the basic infantry, the Grunts.

The Grunts are the bottom rung of the Covenant ladder as we all know, but that doesn't mean they should be trifled with. A grunt may appear harmless (and for the most part is), but in numbers of at least 5, especially on Legendary, where 3 Grunts can actually kill you, they are a force to be reckoned with.

So, how to kill a Grunt? First, you want to observe the color of its armor. Orange? That is a common Grunt. They are quite easily dispatched and are much more cowardly than any others. One or two well placed smacks to the Grunt are plenty to kill it with any weapon. Also, a couple of body shots or one good head shot is sufficient to take out a Grunt. However, beware of multiple Grunty little badgers. When they gather in numbers, they can overwhelm you, and when playing on Heroic or Legendary, a few plasma pistol shots will overload your shields and kill you outright. So, a good strategy is to try to pick out the leader of the Grunts. He will probably be an Elite, or a Red Grunt. Try to pick off the leader. Without the leader, the Grunts fall into disarray. They break any kind of formation, and just shoot randomly. This leaves you an opportunity to attack. Always, always, always use cover to your advantage. Pop out, attack, and withdraw. You will drive the enemy AI nuts, and you will be getting kills.

You also need to watch for Grunts in vehicles or turrets. The Grunts will man any turret and will mount Ghosts (although rarely) and will use them accordingly. A grunt in a Ghost or turret is not so hard to kill, but when they go on the attack, they can keep you pinned down. My advice is to try to get a headshot on the Grunt if he is in a Ghost, and because he isn't shielded, he'll die right away. This is your best bet, because if you try to hijack it, especially on higher difficulties, you may get run over or overwhelmed by its twin plasma cannons. If he is in a turret, you would probably do well to use a grenade. A well placed Plasma Grenade will be more than enough to destroy the turret and turn the Grunt into a nice Grunty little BBQ.

Furthermore, be wary of Grunts with heavier weapons, such as Fuel Rod Cannons. Also be on the alert for Grunts with black armor. These are Special Operations Grunts, and are much harder to kill. The same applies for them all though. Go for the headshots, and use your cover. Know that the Grunt is taking damage, unlike the Elite. But they are just Grunts, so in the event that you need to take cover to kill just one, then. I hope that this guide at least benefits one person. If it does, my job is done. Happy Hunting!