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Halo2 XBox tip details

Cruelty with the Needler

The needler has the fastest melee recovery time in the game. This is easy to exploit in many situations.

1) If you are dual wielding needlers, hide around a door frame and wait for someone to come by. Just before they enter, Twitch-fire both of them, and as soon as they enter the room, melee like mad. This will instantly kill most people and can actually out-speed the plasma-pistol/smack combo 90% of the time. Especially potent on Lockout.

2) If you are single-wielding, use the SMG or any other weapon, then run around a corner, switch to the needler, and nail them with a couple needles followed by melees when they chase you. Once again, more effective than you would think.

3) Camp the rocket spawn on Beaver Creek. Get dual-wields, hide out where the magnum is, and jump anyone coming up the ramp from the base with technique 1 or hop on and beat down people coming up the big rock.