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Halo2 XBox tip details

Carbine Kill of Flood Combat Forms

Although killing Flood combat forms can be simple with the Needler or Shotgun, this method is much more effective and less dangerous. I say that because you can stay far away, and not worry about getting nailed in the back by an enraged Flood while using the Shotgun. This is difficult to explain, so you may need to experiment to understand this. Every flood has a week spot offset to the side on their center-of-mass. If you can find this spot, a well-placed Carbine shot will drop a flood in one shot. That's right, ONE SHOT. If you sit way back and scope inactive Flood forms, run the cross-hairs over the body until the red dot in the center confirms a head-type shot. I love this method, it comes in handy considering that the Carbine is generally usefull against Covanent, also. Try it, it's the best thing since Overshields.