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Halo2 XBox tip details

Killing the Brutes Efficiently

So you thought everything was going well, then all of a sudden you have to fight a bunch of gorillas. Now what? Well, as has been said already, needlers and brute shot are effective, but if the rush at you? There is a surprising solution! Use an empty energy sword. Yes. If your sword runs out of batteries on a brute-infested level, KEEP IT! IT WILL BE INVALUABLE! IT WILL TURN INTO AN UNENDING SOURCE OF PAIN FOR BRUTES! To kill a brute with it, rapidly meele him while circling towards his back. Since the depleted sword has a fast attack, and since each attack stuns the brute for a second, he will be unable to do anything but stand there while you circle to his back and assasinate him. I find myself falling back on this strategy every single time I face brutes. ou won't beleive how useful it is. I consider it even more powerful than a needler, since a needler runs on ammo and isn't so handy close range.