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Halo2 XBox tip details

Brute Shot Tips

With the recent update which has boosted the brute shot's effectiveness, I feel inclined to share with you a very important tip.
A standing melee will take away all your shield. That way, if your enemy is already damaged by a quarter of his shields, then you can take him out.
A running or a jumping melee will kill. That's right. It will KILL. It has the second most powerful melee in the game.
Now remember this part as well: The brute shot will kill with two grenades. Don't bother aiming at the head; aim at the chest. One grenade shall damage his shields, and the second will kill him.
One last tip: It takes a full clip of four shots to destroy a warthog. Aim in front of the warthog and the ricochet will damage the underside.
This weapon will work wonders for you if you know how to work it. On close-quarters maps like Elongation, Beaver Creek, and Turf, this weapon will truly shine.

Remember, a running melee will kill. Keep that information with you at all times. And please, if you have a bruteshot and your enemy kills you with an SMG or a single dual wieldable weapon, don't assume he or she is cheating; maybe they're just good. These are tips for the bruteshot, they will not make you invincible, but certainly give you an edge in bruteshot games. Go ahead, test these tips out on Rumble Armory. (If it still exists by the time you read this.)