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Halo2 XBox tip details

Jackal Snipers (what you should know)

Everybody hates jackal snipers so here are a few things everyone should know about them. You would be surprised how many people have not realized some of these things so here you are. Please also note that due to outstanding ability (and modesty) I only play on legendary now so thatís what this is related to.

A jackal sniper can kill you in 1 shot no matter where you are hit. I saw my coop buddy take a fatal beam rifle shot to the foot as he jumped. The jackals donít need headshots but they still almost always hit. If you donít know where the sniper is first then you are going to be reverting-to-saved in a matter of seconds.

A jackal sniper is surprisingly tough. They might not die even if you think they have. Look for the light blue flash as their wrist shield dissipates (I know they donít a have shield but if you look carefully you will see it). A headshot is recommended (SR or BR), but when in vehicles (on the beach of outskirts) they can be very hard to kill, I advise keeping your distance then sniping them manually.