They're Random, Baby!


Halo2 XBox tip details

PR+BPR = 1 annoyed dead opponent

If you play a map with random starting weapons, and you think 'oh, great i got a PR and a BPR (Brute plasma rifle)' then don't dispair.

Unless there is a better weapon close-by then don't dual-wield with a weaker gun or something stupid like that, keep them both and pull out the BPR. Now, when you see an enemy (don't try this at long range!) hold in 'R' to fire a continuous stream of fire of plasma until you over-heat, then press 'Y' to change to your other PR and unleash another stream of plasma until it over-heats, then switch and so on and so forth.

This continuous stream of fire will quickly kill your opponent without the fear of over-heating! This works well when you being charged down by an enemy witha sword or shotgun, (by the way if this unfortunate event happens, then keep backing away, or else you'll get stabbed or a mouth full of shotgun shells).