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Knowing Your Enemies: THE BRUTES

So. You think you have all the Halo 2 baddies figured out. Until you get the crap bashed outta you by a gorhino. Well, my friend, that was a Brute. Brutes, on the outside, may seem like impossible foes, but once you know their weaknesses, you'll take 'em down with ease. So, let's dive right in, shall we?

First thing you need to know about the Brute is his behavior. A Brute will most likely attack from range first, primarily using his Brute Shot or Brute Plasma Rifle (the red one). However, after taking enough damage, or when he becomes thoroughly enraged, he will charge in most cases. This is the time to be afraid, because not only do they move extremely quickly, they strike with deadly accuracy. So, how to counter this? When fighting a Brute, try your best to remain under some cover.

The Brute Plasma Rifle is quite strong, and fires very rapidly. Also, the Brute Shot fires high velocity fragmentation grenades with a decent degree of accuracy. The best thing to do is try to take out the Brute as fast as possible. You'll want to use a projectile-based weapon (Human!), or a grenade. Your best bet is to aim for the head. My personal Brute dispatching favorites are the Covenant Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Covenant Beam Rifle, and the Human Battle Rifle. Both are pretty accurate over mid-long distances, and a couple of good headshots are enough to take out the Brute. One knocks off the helmet, and 1-2 more kills. It rocks.

Another seemingly unknown Brute-eliminator is the Needler. Using dual-Needlers is an excellent way to kill those brutish Brutes. I find that about 7-10 needles from each Needler is sufficient to cause a nice pink explosion. Also, the explosion may set off the Brute's Plasma Grenades, and that can kill enemies in the range. Great tactic. And, if you can stick a Plasma Grenade to the Brute (especially the head), he's a goner.

Also try the Energy Sword, as it is quite handy for dismembering anything you don't like. One thing you want to avoid using is any Plasma-based weapon. I find that these are completely ineffective against these particular enemies. Maybe their shag rug fur protects them from burns. At any rate, don't even try the Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, or Brute Plasma Rifle. They are pretty worthless. Okay, you need to watch out for Brutes in vehicles.

They are known to pilot Ghosts, Banshees, Wraiths, and Spectres. And, they are quite adept at it, too. Try to kill the Brute instead of the vehicle. If you have the opportunity (and the balls), go for the hijack maneuver, but I really can't guarantee good results. On higher difficulties, you're quite likely to get smoked. Rockets, Fuel Rod Cannons, and any sniping weapons are fine for taking out the vehicle or enemy. Grenades won't work so well, though. The vehicles will be moving too fast.

Well, this is my guide on tackling Brutes, also known as Loius Wu. Now that you know how to take down these hairy, monstrous, stinking, furry-reared beats, start up Halo 2 and go for it. Hopefully, I was able to help at least one person with this guide. Thanks a lot for reading. Happy Hunting!