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Halo Xbox tip details

Plasma Rifle/Plasma Pistol against vehicles

You think that ghost is theWeaponsEnemy Plasma Rifle+Plasma Rifle/Plasma Pistol against vehicles 06/04/02 1029@V@FFF7he plasma rifle, and sneak up as close as possible to a warthog, or my personal favorite, the ever-present tank snatching "camping fag", shoot him as fast as possible without overheating the gun(a lil' nade or 4 never hurt too many people...), and watch the tank driver as he tries in vain to shoot you or get out of the tank. But both you and i know he's already dead. Also make sure he cant nail you with splash damage off the cannon, if you miss once or twice you might as well bend over and lube yourself up. Also, slight variation of this, grab a plasma pistol and a: pistol/shotty/even an AR *Gasp*, overcharge the plasma pistol, switch to your 2nd weapon, and depending on what it is, either blast away or use the "spray and pray" method...and youve just vacated that tank. Happy tank freezing!

P.S. Don't try this at range...PLEEZE! There is a reason there are sniper weapons and close range weapons.