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Don't get caught in the cross hairs [Sniper Avoidance 101]

Ever been up against a snipWeaponsAlliesSniper Rifle (S2 AM):Don't get caught in the cross hairs [Sniper Avoidance 101] 05/13/02 0138O@FFF" shots! 4 SHOTS! That's all they can fire without reloading. So hide, count 4 shots, then either get the hell outta there or send him into a spinning whirl of death.

Sounds easier then actually done, but you can change that.

Alright so you've been hit once, your health is half gone, and your pinned down behind a rock or wall. If you move, you'll find yourself with a new sun roof. What do you do? Well if there was only one shot taken at you, chances are he may not have reloaded, the quicker you move from the initial shot the better, because the longer you wait the chances of him reloading get higher and higher.

Now why don't you want them to reload? Because its more work on you later. You see the more shots he has left before reloading the more you have to bait him into firing.

You do this by a series of controller maneuvers.

Note these are also very useful when caught by a sniper in an open field...but you NEED TO FACE THE DIRECTION THE SNIPER IS SHOOTING FROM!!!!

These moves done from the side are not as effective. Oh ok so here they are...

There's the triple jump....this is a jump in the air then pressing duck numerous times...for some reason your hard to hit like this.

There's the strafe...strafe one way then the other in an unpredictable pattern, while continuing to charge the sniper...hell start to bead with sweat as he keeps missing you

Then there's my favorite, its the 360 jump duck, strafe spin....Basically just strafe then jump while spinning your view around and hitting the duck button...if you spin clockwise, next time spin counter clockwise...this helps a lot too

And final the covering fire...this works only with a rocket launcher. Use any evasive maneuver to escape the crosshair then launch a rocket at the sniper...he'll be forced to duck and cover, now if you have a sniper...you've just reversed the role of cat and mouse, and no your the cat, pining don that mouse behind his rock...

When in a sniper battle always remember to keep moving don't always move in the same direction because then you'll just get lead. If you find yourself without a sniper and being sniped, do the opposite of running away, and charge.

Remember to constantly change your level and position , strafing i extremely important. And i have yet to be hit while using the 360 jump duck.

So basically keep moving, be aware of the shots fired and remember not to run parallel to the snipers sight. Otherwise you'll find yourself in a cross hair, then in a pool of your own blood...R.I.P.