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plasma pistol to the rescue

Using the charged shot - piWeaponsEnemy Plasma Pistolplasma pistol to the rescue07/17/02 2049``@FFF/it up.

You will find many sections in the game where you can hide behind a wall or something and peek out to shoot at a group of enemies. They are pretty accurate so don't lean out too far. However, ease around the corner and if your pistol sights are red, shoot .

Simple concept, right? Really, this works because you will get shot at, but since you are only slightly around the corner, they will be glancing hits. You will notice you can take more of these then you thought. The AI goes crazy as it lines up enemy afte r enemy to be slaughtered while trying to get an angle on you.

So pick your spot, keep your gun from overheating, keep firing till your sights aren't red, and keep an eye on your shield just in case a jackal gets a charged shot through or something. You'll clear out an area faster then you think. And you won't have t o switch pistols every 30 seconds.

And yes I'm talking about Legendary