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Halo Xbox tip details

Needler for President

The Needler is probably pretty underated because it can only be used in specific circumtances. However, what it does, it does well. The trick is to recognize when you can maximize its potential. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind when using the Needler.
  1. Give it room to roam - Out in the open, these needles will chase for quite a while. So let them. Use it for med range in the open to best effect.
  2. Protect yourself - The needles are slow in the air and pause before exploding after impact. Your target can dish a lot of damage while you fill him with pink glass. Find good cover while using this weapon.
  3. Use it to break the ice - This is not a knockout weapon. However, it is second to none at injuring and weakening multiple targets. Starting off the battle with a spray can make your life a little easier as enemies scramble for cover.
  4. Groups like them - The needles home, but they are not perfect. The chances of a hit are increased when there are multiple targets.
  5. Elites like them alot - If you have access to one of these with elites around, go to it. The plasma pistol is great for one elite, but for groups, here is your gun.
  6. Hunters and Jackals hate them - Needles bounce off the shields of these creatures, so your better off leaving the needler for something else.
  7. Combine with a human pistol - The pistols scope is handy for mopping up what the needles have damaged, and can get rid of jackals easily if you have good cover. Both of these weapons can be used while out of the range of opponents fire, which makes the m a good combo out in the open.