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How to kill a Wraith Tank... With Nades'

Alright you have killed all those stupid grunts (I call all of them grunts because after a while they get easier and easier to kill) but you still have to take down that pesky Wraith Tank. 

NO PROBLEM. Most people will say "keep you distance a nd shoot it with a rocket."

I'm here to tell you that to kill a Wraith... GET CLOSE. 
Most people think I'm nuts but that's why people call me fear.  Get close and jump on that sucker... 
If you can try to run up behind it (like when it's shooting flood, duh) and stick 1 or 2 plasma nades and a frag to finish it on the unshielded side. 

All those camper morons are always telling me "HEY GET AWAY FROM THAT TANK!!!" but I am here to tell you that when it comes to these tanks... GET CLOSE. Plus when you get close it takes'em a sec to find out how to shoot you because they are more like mortars than anything else so their shots are going to go LONG NOT SHORT SO STAY IN A GOOD SHOTGUN DISTANCE.