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Halo Xbox tip details

Multiplayer : Warthog Slayer

So, you've captured the flag, controlled the hill, held the skull, won the race, and slaughtered your friends.  So what do you do now?

The answer is warthog slayer.  We all know how fun the hog can be, so set the game type to race or rally, and give each player a warthog.

The rules
No handheld weapons besides grenades can't be used.  Slappers only is enforced, along with all types of grenades.

So how the world do you kill someone...simple, THE WARTHOG!

Everyone will have a warthog, your objective ram into all the players in attempt to flip them out of the hog and then run them over. Try not to get killed in the middle of the map, or else have fun regaining the warthog, and i mean that literally, its a lot of fun, sidestepping charging warthogs and sticking a plasma to them.  Then take there warthog, and go run over some master chiefs.

To ensure no one is ultimately "cheap" set the weapons to alien so that no rocket launcher can be used by a frustrated newbee.

this is great for hanging with buddies, and is really fun to watch, you'd be amazed how high the warthogs can get launched.  It would make for great footage.

So hop in a hog, and and ram into anything that moves..."here little piggy piggy..."