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Halo Xbox tip details

Keep the enemy from spawning...

We here at HBO, have rec Player_Modes CooperativeKeep the enemy from spawning... 01/27/03 1420@h@FFF nt part of the map, while you explore.  This has the unexpected result of preventing all the enemy from spawning -- and doing you harm.

Here are just some...

  "A really good tip to beat the last level of Halo (The Maw) on legendary on co-op is only ONE of you go in the reactor place. What happens when only one person goes in the room while the other dude waits?  No flood, or Sentinels! Well, just the infectors come out, but you can blow 'em up."  - Mason VanGaalen  
  "No enemies at security over-ride on Silent Cartographer
I found this when I did co-op with my mate one day. We got to the point where you can get to the top of the Silent Cartographer and got up there (much easier in co-op!). We killed the two Hunters and proceeded round to the path that leads to the security over-ride building. We jumped down there and to our surprise there were no enemies all the way to the security over-ride and back out. When you get back, however, you have to jump down off the path (crouching as you land) otherwise you will trigger the load point and the enemies will spawn.
Sadly though, we reckon that after this point the enemies make a comeback, so it is only an easy way of getting through the security over-ride switch (well, it DOES avoid two hunters and cloaked elites!).
I should be able to get some screenshots soon if you want them - get back to me."
- Thomas Bottrill.