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Master Defense Strategy-only 1 guy [Blood Gultch]

This works unbelievably well in Blood Gulch. The best part about it is that you'll only need one (or two to be safe) people to do it. All you need to do is get a shotgun. Next hide in one of the cracks in the base or in the area closer to the door. When someone grabs the flag, they have no weapon to fight with , so all you need to do is buckshot them once or twice and they are gone.

To make sure they don't come in on the side that you are on, just watch your motion tracker and go to the side of the base opposite the side they are entering.

There are possible ways to get around this, but hers how to make it work again:
1. They throw grenades first - Don't wait in the area by the flag, wait closer to the door for easy escape.
2. 2 people come in - just throw a grenade by the side entrance, and wait for the other shmoe to grab the flag.
3. They drive a car close - throw a grenade !

This can also be done with a rocket launcher , but is not recommended since it has very limited ammo. This has worked for a few months for me ,but our competition starts to figure it out. definitely worth a try.