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Halo Xbox tip details

Double-fisted Pandemonium, a very fun Multiplayer Game!!

In this two to four player game each player wields 2 controllers and thus controls two characters simultaneously. It is based on the Rocket Jousting game someone else put in the Tips section. One character must drive a Warthog while the other (equipped with a rocket launcher) sits in the passenger side. If set up correctly gameplay becomes a delicate yet frantic balance of driving and shooting.

1. Gameplay is on Blood Gulch or Sidewinder with Warthogs enabled, Teams, Rockets, and extra health. If there are three or four players, you need to make it a racing game, so there are two more jeeps. Your driver and jouster must be on the same team.

2. Each player must choose one character with the Legacy control scheme (the driver) and one character with your preferred control scheme (the jouster). The driver's Legacy control scheme allows the you to steer the Warthog with only the left thumbstick and therefore only your left hand.

3. Before each "round" the driver must be loaded into the driver's seat and the jouster into the passenger seat.

4. Once fully loaded you can drive the Warthog with one controller (in your left hand) and fire rockets with the other controller (in your right hand).

Rules to experiment with (make your own changes as you like):

1. Only Jouster may shoot.
2. Only Driver may drive.
3. Jouster can only shoot while in passenger side of Warthog.
4. No running over people (they must die by rockets)
5. Both characters in the Warthog must be killed for Warthog to be eliminated.

Have fun and happy hunting!