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If I had a Legendary super weapon!

Just thought I'd send you a different strategy than the one you have on the Legendary walkthrough to get through 'Assault on the Control Room', from the section 'If I had a Superweapon'. It's slightly more daring, but a hell of a lot more interesting

When I got to this point of the game I had a full sniper rifle and almost full (minus 1) Rocket Launcher. This method uses a couple of each, so if you're running low, feel free to go through on your method...

Have your sniper rifle at the ready. Run through the door and past the first elite. Quickly turn around and smash his skull in. Then make your way to the Banshee, but DON'T GET IN YET. Zoom in your rifle and take out the elite as he tries to get in the Banshee. Switch to your rocket launcher. Keep running to the far end of the bridge. If you're quick, you should see the second Banshee just lifting off. It's a sitting duck for a rocket. Switch back to the sniper rifle and zoom in on the elite at the far end of the bridge. Kill him. Turn around and go back to where you killed the second elite (the one making for the Banshee). Swap your sniper rifle for the Plasma Rifle.

This next section is the hard part. Without a Plasma Pistol, you're going to have to take out some of the Grunts and Jackall's with the Plasma Rifle. You could try lobbing a grenade at a grunt. If you time it right, and if you're lucky, his pistol flies towards you (this makes the next mini battle infinitely easier). Anyway, hose down the Grunts and Jackal's near the entrance that you came through at the start. If it gets hairy use a rocket - that usually does the trick.

After your enemy is wasted, swap the rocket launcher for a Plasma Pistol (if you didn't get one from the grenade earlier). If you've gotten this far, the rest is a breeze. Take out the small contingent on the far end. DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE. You don't want the Hunter's to come out yet.

Once they're dead pick up the rocket launcher and sniper rifle. Have a rocket ready and run to the far end of the bridge. As soon as the door opens fire a rocket. If all goes well all the accompanying little guys and one of the Hunter's should be dead. If you feel like overkill, use the rocket on the other Hunter. Otherwise, swap to the sniper rifle and kill it in the usual manner.

So now the bridge is clear. Get in the Banshee and kill the two Elite's down below and the Wraith, and then finish the level as per normal.

There you have it. A much more fun approach to this part of the level. And all it costs is 5 sniper rounds and 2 rockets (3 if you use one to thin out the grunts when you only have a Plasma Pistol, which I sometimes do).