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Jumping down w/o a banshee on natural bridge [AOTCR]

There's another way to finish the Assault on the Control Room early if both banshees took off already. Make sure you have a sniper rifle and rocket launcher before you go out on that bridge. When you first walk out snipe the elite walking away from you. When he's dead kill the surrounding grunts by the door w/ a rocket, or two (don't worry about jackals). Look on your left and you should see a big rock by the door in the shadows. Jump on this rock. If you sidestep off the rock to the left and look down you'll see another rock. Make sure you are in the middle of it. Hold back also so you stay against the wall also. if you did this right u will slide off the rock at the bottom with no damage to u (not even your shields). This might take a little practice. You may get down with some damage if you didn't do this perfectly. Now you just have to take out the tank and snipe the elites before they get in the ghost (this is much easier done in co-op with your teammate in a banshee). Now grab one of the ghosts finish the level as normal , except w/o all the guys and the hunters on the towers.

I recommend this to co-op players who have trouble getting both banshees on the bridge, which is nearly impossible, not that I haven't done it :)

P.S. there are other points in the game where the hold back to wall, slide, and don't die technique can be used, but i leave that up to u to find them and use it as fit.