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Halo Xbox tip details

Don't need that banshee in AOTCR for a quick ending

When in the last portion of aotcr, let the elite get in the banshee. jump onto the long beam that runs down the middle of the pyramid. as soon as your shields recharge, jump down on the pyramid. you should have two or three health bars left , which is plenty to finish off the enemies off in the control room from the high point above it.

EDIT, Richard States:
On the bridge, I typically use a rocket launcher to shoot a banshee off the bridge so that it falls below and I can use it later. If you aim your shot right, you can also take out the two red guys :-) Also make sure that you use the rocket launcher "on" the bridge to take out the tank below.

Once you are below, go into the crevice and get the rocket launcher--take out the two hunters. And then get the sniper rifle in the crevice, and, with a bit of skill, you can jump up on the wall that starts in the crevice and goes all the way to the top o f the tower--it's like walking a tight-rope. From here you can just pick those suckers off like taking candy from a baby.

Once I discovered this trick, I don't use the banshee waiting for me that I blasted off of the bridge.