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Halo Xbox tip details

Headshots and Shield Disruptions

Battling Covenant isn't easy on Legendary, often they'll use Shields for cover, these stationary shields can be blown out by a Charged plasma blast. If you have multiple Covenant hiding (Elite's Grunts Jackals) behind the thing, then charge up that gun, and fire, immediately after letting go of the trigger, use a fragment grenade and throw it at the shield.  This should cause the shield to go down in time for the grenade to pass through where it once was, the Covenant won't know what hit'em.

A headshot is very important, ANYTHING except Forerunner technology can be killed by a head shot, Grunts, Elite's, Jackals, Hunters, People, Flood (Although they take two, and you have to hit them where those feelers are.) They all die from a head wound, a good way to use headshots are to take out Covenant to close to you, (I'd wack'em but this is about headshots) If you want to take down an Elite with a small contingent of grunts, get those grunts first... Outside you can be far enough away that they won't see you, or react when you kill one, inside's a different story and I can't help you there, anyway, taking out grunts is a lot easier then Elites, so you should take them down first.