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Ducking while Falling can save your life...

Don't know if anyone else has noticed this yet, but ducking at the right moment in a fall can save you some health. 

We all know that falling a certain height will damage MC, but I discovered this strange phenomenon this morning. I was playing the hanger bay area in T&R on Legendary when I remembered something I read in a walkthrough. The guy suggested dropping down for more ammo and then sneaking up behind the Covenant that sneak up behind you. But my shield was down and I had very little health. I was gonna die if I stayed in the fire-fight, so I took the chance and accidentally ducked before impact. To my surprise, I took NO damage. I tried this out several more times and as long as you get the timing down, you won't get hurt. I haven't studied the extent of how far a fall this will protect you from, but it could definitely help in a punch.