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Halo Xbox tip details

How to pickup an Overshield -- always!

Have you ever tried to pick up an OVERSHIELD but can't because your life and shield meters are too full?
Try this one:
  1. Whip out a grenade, plasma's work best because of their high visibility.
  2. Throw the grenade at a wall or the ground close to you and stand far enough away from it that it won't kill or even hurt you, but close enough that it brings your shield down considerably.?
  3. After doing this, you can go ahead and pick up that OVERSHIELD .?

If you are good enough you can do it on the first try, but it might take some practice. I recommend trying it right after a checkpoint or something like that..... and don't worry about wasting your grenade, because:
  • Unless you are blind you can find them on almost any covenant that you kill, and?
  • It's well worth it to get that OVERSHIELD!?
Now go try it!